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Advice with Ms. Rivera

“I think keeping an open mind with everything that you do. Don’t look at all the negatives, look at the positives. When I started student teaching, I was terrified that I was going to do bad. My first week here I just thought that I was going to do bad. I think that is not the mind set that I should have started with. I should have started with more of a positive mindset but I Just wanted to do so well that I was very hard on myself, so I think being easy with yourself and keeping an open mind will literally help."

“Take advantage of all the opportunities that are available at EHHS because when I was in high school there was nothing. Take advantage especially for freshman students, get involved in clubs, sports,after school activities, and have fun and make friends.“ 

Whispering with Min

Dear Min,

Why are men so DARN difficult? 

Heyyy! Thank you for asking us why men are so difficult. Well, I think everyone is difficult because we all have different gender, background, culture, mindset, etc…To get this straight, everyone is difficult including men. But if you take this romantically, men are difficult because they are not interested in you/someone, he doesn’t like you. And if the “men” you were talking about is difficult, I don’t think he’s the one. Please remember that if he wants it, he will do anything to have it, he will put in the effort.

Whispering with TORY

Dear Tory,

How do I tell a friend they are weird in a nice way!

To tell your friend in a nice way is just to tell them the truth because in the end you're still their friend and you want your friend to grow not to change for just being weird and by telling the truth makes your friendship expand. Be like “There isn’t a person in the world like you”. If they are your real friend they wouldn't care.

Whispering with PurplePie

Dear PurplePie,

I need help with being more organized. Do you have any tips? 

To help you be more organized I think you need to start with creating a plan. This plan can be made with a planner or an organization app. To organize the planner/ organizations I think you should put the things that need to be done ASAP and cannot wait, then to important, then to least important. This will help you separate each task by which one needs to be done first to last.