Withstanding The Pressure: EHHS Boys Soccer vs. Foran

On October 11th, a windy, fall afternoon, the EHHS boys soccer team faced off against Foran on Crisafi Field. The Easties were defeated in a 1 - 0 in a defense-heavy game. The game was originally arranged to be played at night, but due to the recent Triple E outbreak, the team was rescheduled to play an afternoon game instead. Since the game was in the middle of the afternoon, many parents were still working, so there weren’t many spectators.

Even though the soccer team came up short this game, their defense made their opponents work for their win. Goalie, Asa Myers, had an incredible 16 saves. Although the Foran’s team kept the pressure on the Easties Defense for a full 80 minutes, players like Asa, who had a 16 save game, definitely helped the team stay in striking distance.

Athletic Director Anthony Verderame mentioned that Mike Papantonio, the former assistant and new head coach of the team, has definitely brought new chemistry to the team. “He’s a good educator and motivates the team to do better,” said Verderame. The team’s record this year has been less than outstanding. However, compared to last year’s team, they have improved quite a bit.

Verderame certainly agrees that the team’s relationship has exceeded expectations. “Without a doubt, the team's chemistry has improved with more empathy,” he said. Both the players and the coaches have confidence that if the Easties play their hardest, they can compete with anybody they play; it’s simply a matter of putting in their maximum effort. Rosa Sanchez, the mother of senior captain Alejandro Sanchez, believes that if the team won more games than more people would show up, “If they won more, people would show.” In the end, thanks to the great team defense, the Easties had a fighting chance in their tight matchup with Foran. If the defense can perform like this every game, then the Easties are definitely a force to be reckoned with.