Win the Day Helps our Football Players Win the Game

The EHHS football team has been very busy this past summer preparing for their upcoming season with Francis Belevich, who runs the facility “Win the Day Training,” in Hamden, Connecticut. There, Belevich has trained many teams and individuals. Over the summer, the football players were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to experience Belevich’s rigorous training.

This specific type of training has just been introduced to the team. The team trained Monday through Thursday from 6:30 to 7:30 am during the summer. They trained all throughout the body and focused more on improving all skills instead of just one. It seems as though the training has already started to pay off, as the team gained its first win against Foran on September 13th.

The football players have really appreciated working with Belevich. They have learned lots of new techniques and better self motivation skills.

Specifically, senior captain, Tanner Divito, said, “The amount of work you put in is the amount you are going to get out of it. The harder you work, the more muscle you are going to put on, and the better you will do in a game.”

This training helped the team grow a great amount because they were pushed to limits they thought they would never be able to reach. Since they were training four times a week, they had a routine they would go through each workout. Trainer Belevich explains, “So when we start, we work from the central nervous system. We split the body parts up since we only go four days a week. We run for two days excessively and lift for two days excessively.” Each day, the boys saw self improvement. Tanner specifically saw an improvement in himself and his work ethic. “I became more disciplined, I started working out a lot more, I got bigger, and he showed us some new training to really help us.”

One of the many lessons the team took away from this training was learning how to work more as a team and support others’ successes. In high school sports, numerous tend to work against each other rather than encourage one another; this does not usually make for a successful team. However, with their new training program, the football team found themselves to be more united as a whole. “̈When we started training, we all started coming together more; we all started working harder. We started pushing each other instead of going against each other, and it really helped us,” said Tanner. Even Belevich has noticed the improvement in working as a team. “We obviously have some stand outs, because some kids have been playing numerous amounts of years, but it's great to see how they all cheer for each other regardless. They are all for each other. It is a beautiful thing to see someone who hasn't done much, and when they do something good they smile; its crazy,” said Trainer Belevich.

Many are excited to see what the football team will accomplish this season. The new team bond and work ethic is expected to show in the way they play under the friday night lights. “Yeah, we lost a lot of good people this year, but we all think we are still going to have a great season,” Tanner says. With such a strong team mentality, there is no doubt that the mentality they have built and all of the sweat they have put in this summer will pay off. This season will be one of the most exciting yet.

Photo Credit: Francis Belevich