Why You Should Flutter Over to The Buzz Stop

The Buzz Stop is the EHHS student-run school store that provides us with our own merchandise. Currently they are selling T-shirts, bracelets, sweatshirts, reusable bags, and many more items. Mrs. Juliet Goraieb, Mr. John Devany, and Ms. Haley Lutar are the teachers for the class that started off this year: Capstone Makerspace. They have been gaining popularity all year as they create personalized gifts for a variety of occasions.

The Buzz Stop is located next to the main office at the front of the school. You can look through the glass and see racks that hold some of the merchandise along the white walls for one to see, along with a cash register. Not everybody has been in the store before, and maybe there are a few reasons as to why. For one, students may not be aware of what exactly it is or what its purpose is, but that can be easily explained. The Buzz Stop store houses the merchandise made by students and staff. When you look at the store, you can see some of the various merchandise and accessories available to purchase. The gear gets made in the Makerspace across from S106, where students in the class can access a variety of crafting materials to make the merchandise.

The Buzz Stop has an online website that allows everyone to see what type of merchandise is available, the price range for all items, and they can order what they like. The website also features some background information on the students who make all the merchandise and what their goals are as providers.

The Makerspace class offers clothing items, such as t-shirts with various styles and colors, sweatshirts, and even blankets with the EHHS insignia. Customers even have the option to bring in any article of clothing to get customized by people at Buzz Stop, like getting their name sewed into a favorite shirt.

They are also offering non-clothing based items such as, water bottles, reusable shopping bags, coasters, and bracelets are more items that customers can check out.

The Buzz Stop staff is made up of senior students and staff. Currently, there are 15 students involved in running the Buzz Stop, and they are led by Mrs. Goraieb, Mr. Devany, and Ms. Lutar. The teachers help their students gain the knowledge needed to run the business. They are the supervisors and observers who make sure the students know how to communicate effectively with each other, use the equipment properly, and they teach the students about perseverance. The teachers provide feedback and performance reviews as a way for them to know what they are doing well and what they need to improve.

Each item they make goes through a four-step process:

1. Figuring out what the need and desire is from the customers, this is decided by the students, as they are the ones who run the store.

2. The designs are created (the logos, customizations, etc.)

3. The items are created, this is a collaborative process done by the students and the staff

4. The information is spread out through the community and school, through flyers, instagram posts(@ehhsbuzzstop), and announcements.

Check out the Buzz Stop if you haven’t done so already. They offer a variety of items, all crafted by competent staff of fellow students and teachers.