What is the Kindness Club?

Earlier this year, EHHS science department instructional leader, Mrs. Maria Pompano, started the Kindness Club to spread positivity throughout the school and the East Haven community.

Mrs. Pompano began forming ideas and gathering students to join the Kindness Club during Core Values Day towards the end of the 2019 school year. Since that day, she reached out to the interested students to help form the club this year. She wanted to create the club because she believes it will help build a positive community and culture throughout East Haven. “In a world where it is so easy to be unkind through social media and other technology, I thought this club would be a great addition to our school community to remind students that it is also very easy to be kind.” So far, the club only has a total of five members and meets monthly in Mrs. Pompano’s room, S315.

The week of February 19th was Random Acts of Kindness Week, in which the members of the club partook in different activities to spread kindness throughout the school community. The activities that were done included chalk drawings in front of the school, giving out lollipops with kind messages, and allowing students to write kind message cards to others. Sophomore, Matthew Gaudioso, joined the club on February 5th and had a major role in planning Kindness Week. He states, “I contributed the idea of sending kind letters anonymously to someone in the school. I helped Mrs. Pompano make the messages attached to the lollipops, I taped kind phrases to the mirrors in the bathroom, and I helped make the messages on the sidewalk.” Matt joined the club to help spread kindness around the school, and Random Acts of Kindness Week allowed that to happen.

The club has yet to have regular activities, however, they hope to recognize as many teachers as they can during Teacher Appreciation Week. Mrs. Pompano states, “[Club members] would like to get involved in some community kindness activities, maybe donations to shelters or food banks. They have also talked about community in terms of other schools and going to the middle school and elementary schools and spreading kindness.” Mrs. Pompano believes that kindness can make you feel just as great as when kindness is shown to you, and is using the club to help spread that message. She believes that it is important to stress kindness with kids due to the negative society we live in. Mrs. Pompano wants to show how easy it is to be kind, and how good it can make people feel.

The club is continuing to accept new members and students are urged to listen to the announcements, look out for flyers, or even to contact Mrs. Pompano directly.