What Do You Need to Know About the Boys Basketball Tryouts

EHHS is holding tryouts for the boys’ basketball team on December 5th.

The tryouts will last two to three days, depending on how many students try out.

In order to try out for the team, students must meet certain requirements. They must remain in good academic standing, as failing more than one subject can put them on academic probation. The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) also affects the tryouts.

The CIAC affects the basketball tryouts by impacting whether the players make the team or are even eligible to participate in the tryouts to be able to make the team. The CIAC states the students' eligibility will be determined for all students the date that report cards are distributed. Marking period grades (not semester grades) are to be used in determining scholastic eligibility to participate in interscholastic athletics during any given marking period. That is the effect/ requirement of the CIAC has on a basketball tryout.

According to Coach Narracci, a key quality that coaches look for in players is being tough and smart. Coach Narracci also states that coaches often look for skill levels, the ability to pick up new things, work ethic, athleticism, size, and speed. Coach Narraci on what the players trying out have to go through during the tryouts, “They will go through various defensive and offensive drills throughout tryouts that the coaches will assess their skill and knowledge of basketball.”

The captain of the basketball team is EHHS senior, Shane Franklin. Shane shares his aspirations for the upcoming season saying, “My hopes for the team this year is that we continue to grow and improve while playing hard and at a competitive level. We also hope to make it to the states this year, but with that being said, we need to take one game at a time and stay focused throughout the season.’’

Students at EHHS are preparing themselves to be able to perform at their peak abilities for tryouts and hopefully make the team. EHHS sophomore, Davarae Fearon, who has been playing the sport for several months, says he wants to make the basketball team because he loves the sport. Davarae Fearon plays the position of a power forward and center due to his height. Davarae shares on his role on the team, “I feel I should be the starting power forward or center because I know I am good at it, I might be the best at it.” Davarae believes he has a shot at making the team, and if he does, he looks forward to winning games. Ahmed Alsalihi, another sophomore at EHHS, also believes he can make the basketball team. Ahmed plays the position of point guard and an alternate to the shooting guard position if needed. Ahmed, “Would love to start as the starting point guard or shooting card for the team but the decision is entirely up to the coach’.’ Ahmed feels he is ready for the tryouts, “I have the right mindset. I love the sport and it is competitive.” In terms of preparation for tryouts, Davarae says he has been staying after school and playing, specifically working on his jump shot. On the other hand, Ahmed says he has been preparing for tryouts by going to the gym and working on specific drills to improve his basketball skills: this includes dribbling, passing, shooting, and defending. It is crucial that players wishing to try out have good knowledge of these skills. The tryouts will take place at EHHS on the 5th of December.