Virtual Extended Day Academy Offers After-School Support and Grade-Raising Opportunities

Students are now able to get extra help from teachers and recover lost credit from the first semester in the Virtual Extended Day Academy (VEDA) that is regulated by science teacher Mr. Anthony Russell and Assistant Superintendent Jennifer Murrihy. The eleven classes within the Academy have sessions that take place weekdays, anywhere from 2:15-4:45 PM, depending on which classes students attend. These sessions are available for both in-person and remote learners.

The Virtual Extended Day Academy is an after-school program that allows students to get extra help, improve grades, and complete the work necessary for credit needed to graduate. The program has a virtual platform, but in-person learners can also attend meetings physically in each teacher's classroom. While the VEDA sounds similar to individual after-school appointments, the two are not to be confused. Mr. Jamie Gaudioso, the Modern World and US History Intervention Teacher, compares and contrasts the two by saying, "Individual appointments are initiated by the student and designed to focus on a topic the student may be struggling with and is looking for extra help … With VEDA, there are actual enrichment assignments that need to be completed for credit on a schedule. There are also specific requirements that must be met in order to be enrolled in the program." Students can inform their teacher or Mr. Russell if they are interested in joining the program. Mr. Russell says that the VEDA allows opportunities for students to redo critical work and make up missing grades from the first semester, but notes that not all courses offer the credit recovery option.

Students were recommended to join the program based on their first semester grades in individual courses. Mr. Russell says that the classes were "offered based on staff availability. If we didn’t have a teacher for a specific course, then we couldn’t offer it. However, we are offering 11 different courses."

The VEDA is a program that offers accessible options to get extra help, go over missed concepts, and help both students who struggle remotely from home and in-person learners. Mrs. Carla Marsico, the Capstone Intervention teacher, really likes the versatility and flexibility the VEDA provides saying, "I really like the flexibility of the VEDA program and that these seniors have a second chance towards completion of this graduation requirement. I think the VEDA program offers my [students] the flexibility to balance work and school while reaching out to others through service at the same time." Meetings are usually small and allow for one-on-one time. Teachers are willing to go at a student's preferred pace, ensuring they understand the content. Students are not required to stay the whole time and can come by for a short time, get the help they need, and then focus on other things at will. The Virtual Extended Day Academy is a viable option to help students improve their skills in class and understand things they might not be able to in normal class.

The following document details more information about the program: