Upcoming: All American Season Three

Fan favorite show, All American, is returning for their third season on January 8, 2021. Jordan Baker and Spencer James are ready for their last year of high school. Season two ended with Spencer committing to play football at Crenshaw High School. Asher continues to battle his feelings on his drug addiction and how it affected Coach Billy Baker. Laura and Billy Baker continue to struggle repairing their relationship, and Jordan and Olivia are learning to cope with separated parents. In season three, we hope to find out how Crenshaw High School will remain an independent public school. How will the summer go with Asher traveling with his mother without Olivia? Are Coop and Preach safe from Tyrone and his friends? Will Spencer ever be able to play football again? Tune in The CW on Monday, January 8, 2021 to find the answer to these thrilling questions.