Un Verano Sin Ti: Our New Summer Playlist With Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny’s newest album, Un Verano Sin Ti, was released on May 6, 2022, to all listening/streaming services and fans at EHHS are ready to share their opinions on the album. Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican musician, who rose to fame after his single, “Soy Peor '' blew up in 2016. In the following years, Bad Bunny has released many more hit singles and has collaborations with various artists such as Cardi B, Drake, Rosalía, and more.

On May 6, 2022, his newest album, “Un Verano Sin Ti”, was released and fans were overjoyed. Bad Bunny fans at EHHS are in love with the new album, describing it as “one of his [Bad Bunny’s] best” and 85% of students said this album is their new favorite according to a poll put out by The Comet. Junior Yanaliz Ortiz loves the album and said, ”it’s really good, especially for the summer.” Senior Kiara Estrada and Junior Amber Coello said they became fans of Bad Bunny because of how good his music is. Junior Silvanna Ramon said she became a fan because “his music is overall very good, he’s a very diverse artist, always including ALL Latino culture, not just PR [Puerto Rico].” Students also became fans because they liked the rhythm and lyrics of the artist’s songs.

Fans love the album overall but do have a few favorite songs that stood out to them the most from the tracklist. Junior Saida Pabon’s favorite is “Titi Me Pregunto” , Kiara Estrada’s favorite song is “Después de La Playa” and Silvanna Ramon said her favorite song is “Me Fui De Vacaciones” and that [Silvana] has no least favorite song because “there is not one bad song in this album.” Many students agree with Silvanna’s statement that the album doesn't have a single bad song, but others like Jennifer Ramsey and Carole Tapia disagree. Jennifer’s least favorite song is “Yo No Soy Celoso'' and Carole’s is “El Apagón.” Apart from having favorite and least favorite songs, students truly enjoy the album and believe it is great.

Along with having a favorite song, students also have a favorite collaboration from this album. Jack Castillo and Carole Tapia’s favorite collaboration was with Chencho Corleone in “Me Porto Bonito.” This collaboration was also Junior Joselyn Castillo’s favorite because the song “transmits an incredible vibe.” Jennifer Ramsey and Junior Nazli Kir liked the collaboration with Rauw Alejandro in “Party.” Bad Bunny’s collaboration with “The Marías” was also a personal favorite for some students. As much as they liked the collaborations from this album, students wished to see more collaborations with various artists. Saida Pabon wished to see him work with Karol G and hopes this collaboration will happen sometime in the future.

Everyone was anticipating this album to be great and students weren’t surprised when Bad Bunny surpassed their expectations. Others however were let down in some aspects. Amber Coello expected the album to have a “good vibe for the summer” and wasn’t disappointed. Nazli Kir said, “I expected him to bring it and he did”, and Joselyn Castillo said she expected the artist to make an album with excellent lyrics. As much as they love the album, Jennifer Ramsey expected more reggaeton, Silvanna Ramon expected rap, and Kiara Estrada expected more collaborations. However, they all enjoyed the album and collaborations and hope for more great things from the artist.

Similar to their feelings on the album, students also love the album cover. They feel it goes really well with the vibe of the album, it’s creative and gorgeous. Saida Pabon describes it as cool and looks “like they took their time on it,” Joselyn Castillo believes “it is a rare but beautiful cover” that perfectly expresses the vibe of each song, and Silvanna Ramon loves the “trippy” vibe the cover gives. Following the album cover are the music videos, there are actual music videos for a couple of songs and 360° turn videos. 360° turn videos work similarly to a virtual reality headset, you are given a view and can move your phone to “look around.” Those who have seen the music videos said they loved them and that they were beautifully shot. As for the 360° turn videos, students like that they can look around but think it could’ve been better.

Bad Bunny fans at EHHS are immensely content with his newest album, love their new favorite summer playlist, and can’t wait for whatever Bad Bunny has in store for the future.