Two Yearbooks for the Class of 2020?

The EHHS graduating class of 2020 has faced many setbacks regarding their last months of school. The senior luncheon, prom, and sports seasons were canceled, and a normal graduation may not be possible. However, seniors are still getting some glimpses of what their final months of school would look like. Jostens has created an online yearbook where students can sign their friends' yearbooks virtually. On top of the virtual yearbook, students are getting the hardcover yearbooks that they ordered delivered to their house.

Due to the fact that the yearbook was not complete prior to the switch to online learning, Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Gardner, and the students in the yearbook club had to work hard at home to finish the yearbook. The yearbook was originally due towards the end of March which meant the club was almost done before being forced to complete it at home.

During school, the club met weekly on Mondays in Mrs. Wright’s room where the students in the club were able to create their pages. Doreen Alberino, junior at EHHS, joined the club because she wanted to play a role in the yearbook that she would also be purchasing. “Each club member would be assigned a page to complete by a certain deadline. These pages would either be sports pages, prom/homecoming pages, candid pages, etc. The meetings were a set time where we could work on it together and get immediate feedback from our advisors and our peers. We were also able to work on it out of that time, either at school or at home.” Doreen and other members of the club worked hard both in school and at home to complete the yearbook. However, the students faced some troubles. One problem Doreen faced was the fact that she did not know everyone from the school. When someone has any picture in the yearbook they need to be tagged so sometimes remembering and finding out people's names was hard. The club members finished the yearbook at home virtually the same way they were working on it in school. The yearbook is created on the Jostens website where the students and advisors can edit their pages online, so the only major difference while working on it at home was the fact that the students were not getting immediate feedback.

Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Gardner, on top of working on the yearbook, also communicate with the school's Jostens representative. Recently the representative reached out regarding the virtual yearbook that Jostens has created. The activity is free to everyone at EHHS, even those who did not buy a real yearbook. Although students were happy that they were able to get a yearbook signed, students were worried about getting their real yearbooks that they ordered.

“Anyone who ordered their books prior to May 25 will have their books shipped to the address they input when they ordered.” Mrs. Gardner also explained that Jostens will be shipping the yearbook in mid to late June.

To access and create a free virtual yearbook click the link provided here,, from there you will be given a personal URL and be able to create the cover for the virtual yearbook and set a date where signatures can no longer be added. After the date has passed, you can then download the pages to your device.

Although it is not the end of the year that students wanted, some of the fun activities are still trying to be provided to them, and the yearbook can act as a physical memory for the students four years at EHHS.