“Triple Threat:” The DiVito trio’s accomplishments on the mat

From winning state championships to giving their all in practice each day, Tanner, Alec, and Mat DiVito have made an indelible mark on the EHHS wrestling team!

The DiVito boys' interest sparked for the sport of wrestling at a young age after viewing countless World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) matches on television. To take their passions for wrestling further, the DiVito boys joined Team Tugman of Branford, Connecticut, where they were given the opportunity to compete in the Flo National Duals in Lake Placid, New York. These years of preparation ultimately set the boys up for great success in their high school careers.

Throughout their time on the EHHS wrestling team, the DiVito boys have placed in countless tournaments and even claimed first place first several times some. The boys are all multiple-time recipients of All SCC, and this year, Tanner and Alec both won the Class M State Championships in the 138lb and 132lb weight classes, respectively. This is the first time EHHS has ever had multiple state winners in the same year! Tanner, Alec, and Mat all received their 100th career wins this season as well; Tanner received his in the Class M State Finals match, while Alec and Mat both received theirs during the State Opens tournament. Their outstanding performance has essentially raised the bar for the EHHS wrestling program. Head coach, Mr. Mark Tolla, says, “They have been leaders on the teams that have broken all the significant team records for both SCC and state tournament points and placements. Their impact has been transformative for our program, moving us from a middle of the road team to a consistent top 10 to 15 program in the state.”

Photo Credit: Tanner Divito

The boys’ exceptional achievements are the result of much hard work and dedication both before and during the wrestling season. To better their skills, the boys engage in off-season wrestling tournaments. In addition, they work out and eat cleaner during the season to ensure that they are in the best physical condition possible. Tanner shares, “During the season, I would get up, workout, then go to school. After that, I would go to practice and work as hard as I can so that I'm in the best shape possible. The amount of work I put into this year has really shown that hard work and dedication can help you achieve anything.” For the boys, their mindsets were also key in helping them accomplish such great things. “I only try to focus on wrestling and the goals I want to accomplish during the season. This past season I wanted to get 100 wins, and I accomplished it. I try to prepare for every match the week before and do everything I can to win,” Alec shares. This combination of devotion and focus has allowed the DiVito boys to make their mark on the EHHS wrestling team. These attributes have contributed to the reputation the boys hold not only on the wrestling team but throughout EHHS as a whole. “They are respectful, intelligent, athletic and passionate,” says Coach Tolla, “Above all, they want to be the best at what they do. They don’t look for shortcuts and are willing to complete the process fully.” The boys’ aspiring traits allow them to be seen as leaders in the eyes of all.

Having the DiVito boys on the EHHS wrestling team at once has been a positive experience for all three of them. Mat shares, “Wrestling with two brothers makes everything about the sport better. You have more competition, someone that always supports you and is in your corner, and you just generally have a lot more fun. Watching your teammate win is great, but to see both of your brothers win state championships back to back, there's nothing like it.” The experience has allowed the DiVitos to provide each other with copious support and encouragement (not to mention the brotherly rivalry to be better than each other!)

Photo Credit: Tanner Divito

Having multiple children participating on the same sports team can be chaotic for most families. However, for the DiVitos, it has been a remarkable experience to watch the boys grow as athletes and accomplish such great things. Their mom, Mrs. Jenn DiVito says, “It’s fantastic that all 3 excel and enjoy the sport. Every moment is great, but seeing them [Tanner and Alec] win the championship and second place [Mat] together was an unbelievable experience.” Seeing all three boys be able to excel at such great levels in wrestling was a truly unforgettable experience for their family members.

Through their numerous achievements during their time on the EHHS wrestling team, the three DiVito boys have advanced the program as a whole and left behind an unsurpassable legacy that will never be forgotten!