Tough Matches for the Esports Team

Last week, both of the Esports teams took hard losses to their opponents. Team Alpha lost to St. Joseph High School, 3-0, bringing them down to 8th place out of 29 teams in Connecticut. Team Bravo lost to Bloomfield High School, 3-0. Though this was not the intended outcome, both teams are working hard to learn from their mistakes. When it comes to Rocket League, being consistent with practice is vital to improving. Though this is the case, some of the players find it hard to make time to practice due to other sports and academics. Some have commitments to sports, while others have a lot of homework and studying. Because of this, both teams have become very flexible when scheduling times to practice.

Dominic Roberts, on Team Alpha, was a great team player and reflected on this loss on a positive note: "I think I did pretty good. At least I know I tried my best." Roberts then went on to note some of his strengths, like situational awareness and good defense: "I believe some of my strengths include situational awareness in the game, like being able to see where my teammates are to respond accordingly, and another, being the ability to hold down the goal and accurately predict if a shot will miss or not so that I will have time to save it". Roberts definitely exhibited his strengths throughout the Fall season and Spring preseason. He also began to look back on some of his weaknesses in the game as well: "Some weaknesses of mine most likely include the lack of ability to just play better in general, though that is being worked on, as well as not being able to read the opponents fast enough". To work on his weaknesses, Roberts believes that practice is key to improving: "In order to improve, I'd have to practice more, both alone and with my team." After looking back on his performance during last week's match, Roberts also commented on his teammates' performance: "I think my teammates did as good as they could. Some mistakes were made, but everyone makes them. My teammates are really good players - better than me in their own categories, and I really value them for what they bring." Though this loss was quite the disappointment for the team, Roberts expressed confidence for the Spring season: "Even if we haven't won this previous match, I know we can win the next". He also continued to acclaim his teammates for their skill in the game: "Commendations to Evan for being able to capitalize on almost anything the opposing team does and equal commendations to Kayla who is able to adapt to anything, be it assisting or setting us up for a goal, or coming out of nowhere to save a shot." Roberts continues to show great sportsmanship every week and is very confident that his team will perform well this season.

On Thursday, March 10, Team Alpha will be playing Newtown High School, and Team Bravo will be playing Putnam Science Academy. With enough coordination and communication, both teams are hoping to win their matches and start over with a positive mindset.