To Midterm Or Not To Midterm?

The EHHS student population is concerned about the 2022 midterm exams, and has been sharing their COVID-19 related worries through multiple petitions and polls online. Midterms are set to take place from January 19 to January 24, with the school following an early dismissal schedule during those days.

The EHHS Midterm Schedule, 1/19/22-1/24/22

The student body has shown mixed feelings since the announcement of the midterm schedule, which consists of two midterm exams per day throughout the four day period. Recently, all EHHS students were given the chance to share their beliefs through a schoolwide poll. Out of all 390 responses, roughly 96% of them came to the agreement that midterms should not be held this semester. Many feel underprepared, especially with the increase of COVID incidents throughout the building and a learning gap from remote learning last year. EHHS is currently not holding any online classes for quarantined students, and students feel that they have lost important class time due to the protocol. Senior Michael Gagliardi shared his thoughts, commenting, “There’s a lot of people that missed out on school because of quarantine and being at home. It’s kind of hard for people to have all of that class information, especially because COVID has gotten worse right now”. Other students share similar worries as the absent rate goes up, with 70% of the population reportedly missing days.

Many others shared that they simply do not think it is a good idea to hold exams due to issues with COVID transmission. “I don’t want to be around a lot of people for a long time because of COVID” says Freshman Kayla Wolfe. 56% of students have agreed with this statement, believing that holding midterms would put the building at a bigger health risk by packing a student into a classroom with up to 25 other students. These possible dangers could be bigger than the educational gain from testing.

While the popular viewpoint is against midterms this year, there are parts of the EHHS population that have no issues about taking exams. Several students have defended testing this year, saying that it’s necessary in order for classes to cover all material. Classes have already lost time due to COVID, and many believe that no midterms would be a drawback for all courses. “I see no reason not to have a midterm” shares Senior Logan Chadbourne. Another valid concern that has popped up is final grades. Many students are hoping that midterm exams will be enough to push up their final grades before the closing of the semester on January 24. Some simply feel indifferent about taking exams, not feeling any less prepared amidst the pandemic.

These growing debates have made an impact around the school, with a number of teachers responding to these student concerns. Many have made the decision to shorten their midterms, simplifying them in comparison to previous years. Students have continued efforts to stop exams, creating online petitions to advocate for the cancellation. Despite these efforts, EHHS has not changed their stance on the matter. The Comet wishes all students good luck on exams!