The Reality of Preparing for the SATs

As the SAT Season approaches, students find themselves wondering what are the SATs, how do I benefit from them, and what is the best way to guarantee a good score? While prepping for the SATs, either at home or at school before the SAT date, is to take the SAT Prep Course at EHHS, a private tutoring class, or study on Khan Academy.

The SAT, or Standardized Aptitude Test, is a college admission test that informs colleges what you know and how you can apply it. Colleges use these tests to determine if you are fit for their college, and are required when submitting admissions. General areas that you are tested on are grammar skills, reading, writing, and math comprehension.

According to, to improve your chance for getting into your target schools, it is recommended that to boast student SAT scores that exceed the national average, “Look up the profiles of the schools on your wishlist, and click over to the “Admissions” tab. Our college profiles report the middle 50% range of test scores for entering first-year students.”

On the Khan Academy website, students are able to take an SAT practice test or use SAT prep packets, which can be provided by your English teacher. After taking the practice test, analyze the score you received to determine the weak areas that need to be worked on and focus on those areas. In other words, go back and look at the areas you feel you most struggled on and failed to complete, focusing on these areas means practicing similar questions and figuring how to approach them until you feel confident.

Ms. Emilia Caturano, English Teacher at EHHS and SAT Prep Teacher, said “The SAT Prep class is actually a really great opportunity for anybody who wants to improve their reading, writing, and grammar skills because even if you are not sure you want to go to college, the SAT skills that we work on in class actually allows us to have deep conversations about a variety of things, and allows you to work just above your current level so that you can challenge and improve yourself.”

According to, approaches to best prep for the SATs are starting early, study with the Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy, take full-length SAT practice tests, pay attention in class, and know what to expect on test day.

Two seniors who previously took the SAT Prep class, one’s score increased from 1300/1520 on the PSAT, to 1360/1600 on the SAT, and the second senior’s score increased by 150 points. According to another Senior, Lawrence Mingione, 17 years old, attending EHHS, said “What helped the most when prepping was learning test-taking strategies in the SAT Prep class. I would get distracted when reading the big passages in the English part of the test. I improved on that by really focusing my hardest when taking that part of the test because I knew on the vocabulary part I could do really well with little effort.”

Asa Myers, 18 years old, attending EHHS, provides students with useful guidance, “In the process of prepping I took many previously released tests.”

Ms. Leann Boisvert, English teacher at EHHS with a double Bachelors’s and a Master's degree, gives this advice to fellow students, “I think the most important thing to understand about the SAT is that it is not the end of the world if you do poorly. There is a lot of anxiety that can come with high-stakes testing, but it's more important to take care of your mental and physical health leading up to the test than to run yourself ragged trying to cram all of that potential knowledge into your head.”

To prepare oneself the day before and the day of the SAT is eat dinner the day before, sleep well, drink water, do some quick practice, and have a good nutritious breakfast.

Jade Ahumada, 16, who took the SAT Prep class, gives this advice to fellow students, “Don’t rush through and take it seriously!”