The Maze Runner: A Synopsis and Review

The Maze Runner is one of my favorite movie series of all time due to its storytelling and character development throughout all three films. The Maze Runner has a deep connection to its audience who watch and follow the story and support it. The character development is so interactive that the audience has to get attached to the characters in all three parts of the series.

The development of the main character throughout the first movie is the most interactive. He is brought down to a grassy clearing in the middle of a maze called the Glade through an elevator, not knowing who he is or where he came from. The story progresses while he gets used to himself and fits in with his new friends on the island, Newt, Minho, Gally, Alby, etc. Their lives were much different before they met Thomas. They were called Gladers, they are a group of people in the maze that are led by Alby. Viewer Ajani Greene from Stevenson Campus said, “I love The Maze Runner and I love the way it captures you into its character development, making you have a bond with the characters and also how the movie makes you feel for the characters after they start to get picked off by death one by one.’’ He begins to regain his memories and remembers his name ‘Thomas’. Thomas starts to get curious as to what is in and beyond the maze. He is answered by Newt who warns him that it is dangerous to wonder because there are some things called grievers that live there and kill anyone who gets trapped in the maze. Jaden Gutierez said, “To me, The Maze Runner is one of the greatest movies of all time. I love the way the story developed. The story development was the best part for me it was so interesting.” The story progresses even further when a woman is brought up on the elevator to the trapped world, we later find out she is Thomas’s former lover. She is called Teresa Agnes. The Glade then gets attacked by the grievers. The Gladers lost a lot of people during the attack. They lost someone who was critical. their leader Alby. They find a maze they can use to escape the Glade but it was too dangerous so they regroup and tried for one final push but some people on the Glade had doubts, so they stayed behind. They journey through the dangerous maze to avoid death traps and ultimately found their way out of the Glade and find out the truth about the maze they were put inside.

Raven Ortiz from Stevenson Campus said, “I believe The Maze Runner had the potential to be one of the biggest movies, but I believe it did not get up to standard because of the third movie.’ The majority of the people claimed the movie was one of the best they have seen in a long time and that the movie deserves a much higher rating than it has of 6.8/10 on