The Hive’s Been Buzzing: What They Have Done This Year!

The Hive has been a source of school spirit in the school as they have been buzzing around many events and games, supporting these events, games, and humane causes.

Where Have The Hive Leaders Been Buzzing

The Hive leaders this year have been at many school events for this season. Football games being the biggest source of school spirit many people have shown up to football games. At these football games, themes are always given. The Hive has had many football game themes such as “black out,” “white out,” “camo,” etc. Hive leaders not only went to the football games. One of the main goals of the Hive is to bring light to teams and groups that do not usually get the spotlight. Kiara Morales, a Hive leaders, exclaimed, “I think the biggest sight of unity that happened was for the band. When we mentioned that the band has been national champions, everyone cheered, and it brought everyone together for a minute.” The Hive leaders have also raised money for multiple groups. In October, the Hive hosted a breast cancer awareness football game. The theme of this game was a “pink out,” to represent breast cancer awareness. To raise money the game had a 50/50 raffle where 50 percent of the proceeds went to a breast cancer awareness association. All proceeds went to a breast cancer organization, not specified which organization by Hive leaders.

Photo Credit: The Hive (via Instagram)

The Hive also made shirts, went to volleyball games, and also supported student events, such as Crohns’s Night. Spirit Week was presented by the Hive the week of homecoming. This was a week where many themes were presented for students to get involved in. Some classics were put in such as Twin Day, however new days such as VSCO Girls vs Frat Guys were introduced. To start off this week, the Hive hosted the school’s first pep rally of the year. To get even more student involvement and community excitement, the pep rally announced the homecoming court nominees. One of the biggest events that many students participated in was Halloween. This event encouraged students to dress up in costumes to celebrate the holiday. Students became creative meanwhile keeping a guideline that was given by the Hive on their Instagram post introducing the event. Since their first white out football game in September, the Hive really has been keeping up in many events for students and the East Haven community to participate in.

Photo Credit: The Hive (via Instagram)

What the Hive is Going to do For the Rest of the Year

The Hive has two main goals for the rest of the year. These goals are giving everyone in the school a spotlight and to make the Hive a community and not just a school spirit group. As stated by Kiara Morales, “I had a really hard time last year [adjusting to a new school] and I don’t want anyone else to ever feel that way.” A meaning of community came up in interviews with every Hive leader. McKayla Wheeler, Hive leader, said they want to expand the Hive to be a community by encouraging people. Wheeler exclaimed, “I do feel that as we keep trying to encourage people to show up and support then we will be able to grow as not just the Hive but as an entire community.” In the future new Hive leader, David Preneta, will be joining. Abeed Ahmed, former Hive leader has left the group. The three current Hive leaders hope that this school spirit group will grow bigger and into a welcoming community where everyone can show how much they really care for EHHS!

Photo Credit: The Hive (via Instagram)