The Hive Found It's Buzz!

Photo Credit: Brianna Butler

EHHS started the 2019-2020 school year with a new and improved Hive, which will hopefully shift our school pride in the right direction. The Hive is a pep squad that helps support school events and initiate school spirit. Kiara Morales, a Hive leader, states, “It’s not just about organizing Friday night football games, and it’s not just about volleyball; it’s about creating a community that we want to be apart of.” In the last two years, our student body has not been putting forth the effort needed to come together as a school community. Bleachers at sports games remained bare and our halls have been lacking in color. Last year, we saw little or no initiative taken amongst the student body to change this. This year; however, many staff and students have high hopes, especially with the new Hive leaders.

The other Hive leaders, McKayla Wheeler and Abeed Ahmed, seek to resurrect The Hive and ensure that it continues to thrive in the years to come. These students are dedicated to seeing their school’s climate thrive in the upcoming months. Kiara hopes to begin recognizing students who show initiative and to document what’s going on in our school through social media. Something else that I’m looking forward to are three pep rallies and spirit days being planned. These three students want to be sure to also give recognition to the driven students of EHHS.

Criticism and Judgment

At the moment, they're not looking to add more leaders to The Hive because it's a work in progress. Kiara does not wish for this to turn into a popularity contest. McKayla and Kiara are searching for students who are continually showing leadership and school spirit. Kiara advocates by saying, “Join as much as you can, do as much as you can, come when you can go. But something as important as this, when the whole student body is watching us and waiting for us to fail, we can’t take the extra risk. Within the first hour, I had already received ten negative comments about it. No one believes and no one has faith, and I get why they don’t. People have tried to do this before and it hasn't worked. That’s why it’s so hard to let other people join The Hive; because we know that we will try our hardest to make this work and to make everyone feel included.” The apprehension is completely validated but with this new Hive, our school should become more united in the next two years to come. In order for this to happen, we need to band together. It all starts with the first step, which is making your voice heard.

Appreciate Our Administration

Change will only happen if the students want it to; school spirit stems from the student body. Teachers and administration already dedicate their time and effort into bringing us together as a community. We see it when Principal Vincent DeNuzzo greets students daily and makes it his job to know as many of his students’ names as possible. Assistant Principal, Susan Harkins, always makes time for students, no matter what is going on in her day. We, the students of EHHS, need to show the people who have our backs that we appreciate them by going to sporting events, by achieving academically, and by doing the small things that portray how proud we are of our school. Mr. DeNuzzo states, “I am not, as the principal, going to plan things. I want the students to come to me… and say ‘Mr. DeNuzzo can we do this?’ and I will make it happen. I don’t normally say no because I want to try to make things happen.” Students should go to the administration, share their ideas, and be a part of our school. In twenty years, I would love to talk about how amazing and unified high school was. I’m sure many feel the same way as I do.

I can only hope to spark excitement within the student body and create a wave of recognition for how school pride is generated. I would like to thank The Hive for having the nerve to do what needs to be done. I would like to say thank you to the staff for supporting us this far, holding our hands, and giving us that push we need to be successful. I hope to see great things from The Hive in the next few months and I anticipate seeing them steer us onto the right path.