The Fourth Generation: Tomorrow x Together

Credit: WikiMedia

Debuting on March 4, 2019, Tomorrow x Together enters the K-pop world with the release of their album, “The Dream Chapter: Star.” Members Choi Soobin, Choi Beomgyu, Huening Kai, Choi Yeonjun, Kang Taehyun gained attention being under the company, Big Hit Entertainment, and for being BTS’s junior group.

Tomorrow x Together only debuted their first album two years ago but have earned popularity by their hard work. Fans agree that the members work hard for their performances and have amazing stage presence, an important feature that artists have when performing on stage. Instagram user, @h4iils states, “They’re all super talented and throughout all their albums, they’ve brought in genres and their new concepts to their music which makes them unique.” and user @Jadeahumada says, “Super Talented and hardworking.” and even Dominic Roberts, a student at East Haven Highschool and someone who doesn’t listen to K-pop, says, “The group is notable and I enjoy their choreography,” after having a first listen to Blue Hour- a song that fans love.

Credit: Emily Aguayza

The group themselves love their fans and have shown their appreciation. They refer to their fanbase as MOAS which means “Moment of Alwaysness''. MOAS carries the meaning that the fans and members of TxT are always together at any moment. Another meaning for their nickname refers to “Gathering pieces of dreams to fulfill a mutual dream of TxT and fans.” Tomorrow x Together is able to share videos of themselves and interact with their fans on a platform called, Weverse. Weverse is a Korean mobile app and a platform that was created by Big Hit Entertainment. It’s a multimedia content where idols can interact with their fans and it’s also where fans can buy merchandise of the group like hoodies and sweaters with membership.

They have released the albums The Dream Chapter: Star, The Dream Chapter: Magic, The Dream Chapter: Eternity, Minisode: Blue Hour, and Still Dreaming. Tomorrow x Together have also won quite a few awards between these 2 year's, like the Mnet Asain Music Award for Best New Male Artist (2019), Mnet Asain Music Award for Worldwide Fan’s choice (2020,2019), Seoul Music Awards for best new Artist (2020) for The Dream Chapter: Star, Golden Disk Award Rookie Artist Award (2020), Mnet Asain Music Award for Favorite Dance performance group (2020), Seoul Music Awards Bonsang Awards(2021), and Golden Disc Award Album Division (2021) for The Dream Chapter: Eternity.

One reason a fan loves Tomorrow x Together is the group’s youthfulness and energy. Internationally, the group members themselves are still young and are in their early 20’s. Yeonjun is one of the oldest members in the group at 21 year's old. The second oldest of the group is Soobin at 2o year's old. Beomgyu and Taehyun are 19 year's old, and Huening is the youngest at 18 year's old. They were all hard working when they were around our age and have accomplished a lot as a group together.

Minisode1: Blue Hour. Released on October 26, 2020, Blue Hour is one if the songs that fans love. In their music video or their performances on stage, Moas enjoyed their choreography, vocals, and outfits. It’s one concpet that fans loved from the group, and as well as their dance break for the song.