The East Haven Food Pantry Breaking Records This Holiday Season

The EH Food Pantry made history in 2021, serving over 350 families during Thanksgiving week. Their mission is to give whole meals to families and help food incongruity within the community. The Pantry serves produce (vegetables/fruits), canned meals, meat, and baked goods. They also serve cereals and other nonperishable food items. The core members are Kim Coppola, Dianne Romans, and Christine Sandford. There are 6 main members who work on the weekdays and 10 to 12 members on the day the pantry is open. The food pantry is usually open from 10 am to 12pm on Saturday and 9 am-11am on Tuesday. The EH Food Pantry was registered on December 22, 1992, but has been serving the community for a much longer time than that. It is located at Christ & The Epiphany Church on 39 Park Place, East Haven, CT. In order to benefit from the EH Food Pantry, it doesn’t matter your socioeconomic status as long as you are an East Haven resident. A resident can receive food from the pantry twice per month. Dianne Romans is the Food Pantry President, but she feels everyone is equally in charge. Every member has a different job that helps contribute to the pantry’s overall being. For example, Kim Coppola's job is to pick up food from supermarkets and she finds her contributions to be rewarding. Kim Coppola states, “Every day is an accomplishment when we are here.” For Kim Coppola, her inspiration was definitely her mom and grandma who in the past have also worked in the EH Food Pantry.

Last Thanksgiving they gave whole turkeys and any other related Thanksgiving items to families. For Christmas, the pantry will be giving out baskets containing food for the Christmas holiday. Due to COVID-19, the food pantry is handing out bags of food instead of letting people come in and take stuff. The range of food is endless, from fruits to canned corn. The label on the food in the supermarket about them being expired isn’t real, the food can last for longer which is done by icing it, and that's how the food pantry receives donations of this type of food. On most days the food pantry gives out bags of food with these items; produce, baked goods, meat, etc. In some cases, you may get more because of the huge amount in stock.

The pantry has lots of food from supermarkets and from food drives, however, they are in need of volunteers. For students, they can get community hours for helping the food pantry. To volunteer, go on their Facebook and ask to speak with either Kim Coppola or Dianne Romans. You can also call 203-467-4668 to get in touch with them. Come down to help and give back to the community!