The Cafeteria Staff of EHHS

From preparing breakfast and lunch to serving students, the cafeteria crew employed by

Sodexo at EHHS does a lot for the school community to ensure that the students have nutritious meals whenever they eat at school and it all starts with the head of cafeteria staff Ms. Anna D’Onofrio. She is always able to set the example for her staff: hard work and perseverance will always get the job done and put smiles on the faces of whoever eats their food.

Day in and day out, these ladies come in early to prepare the food that we eat for breakfast and lunch. The ladies of the EHHS cafe crew work very hard for the EHHS community. A lot goes into preparing the food for students and staff. When they start their day, before they even start to touch the food, they must make sure that all prepping stations and equipment are properly sanitized. Once they get that process finished, they must get ready for and make breakfast.

They also set up and sell breakfast to a rush of students upstairs in the lobby and downstairs in the lunchroom. They have to perform cashier duties and make sure that all students pay or log their free lunch in the system. With the rush of students grabbing their food, entering their pin, and hurriedly walking away, the crew must make sure that that the students pay for anything extra with their lunch, like a bag of chips, a bottle of water, juice, or any extra food. Ms. Sonya Bugatti, who takes care of the register during lunch, said, “In the beginning, it was overwhelming, especially with the new system. But now I just go. You don’t think there are kids that hide water in their bag and there are times I don’t realize it. It happens and I try to pay attention, but I run into a million problems like, can you check how much money I have on my account?’ or kids walking away when they don’t have any money at all.” Working the register is a demanding task for the cafeteria crew.

With all of our EHHS students coming into the cafeteria at lunchtime, it is a common belief that the cafeteria will run out of food; however, that’s not the case. Member of the cafeteria crew, Ms. Rosemary Fitzgerald, said, “We usually do not run out because we have backups. I work the sandwich station, and I always have backups for all my food, and it’s the same way for the other stations. Pizzas are being made, and the girls would tell the cook how many more pizzas we need, and we have a girl at the panini machine. We usually run out at the end of third lunch.” The cafeteria crew is always ready for the what-ifs, making sure they always have something to put out for the hungry students. To fall behind during a lunch rush could be a serious detriment to them. To prevent that from happening, the crew always goes out of their way to make extra and have it on hand.

The members of the EHHS cafeteria crew are very reliant on and helpful toward one another. They are aware of the cooperation needed to successfully serve EHHS staff and students lunch every day whether it is cleaning, prepping, or cooking The cafeteria crew of EHHS works their hardest to make sure that every student gets nothing but the best whenever they decide to eat at school.

Photo Credit: Joshua Torres