The 10/5 Challenge Has Arrived!

At the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, EHHS administration announced the 10/5 Challenge. Students, faculty, and staff are challenged to make eye contact and say hello to everyone in our hallways in an effort to spread kindness. In this day and age, our lives revolve around social media platforms. All generations have become desensitized and by having this challenge students and staff will be able to interact and communicate with one another face to face instead of being behind a screen.

The 10/5 Challenge correlates with the school letters “EH.” This means that if you’re ten feet away from someone, your challenge is to make eye (E) contact with them but if you’re five feet away from someone, your challenge is to say hello (H) to them. Principal Mr. Vincent DeNuzzo believes that, “We can kind of promote general kindness in an easy way [...] just make eye contact, say hello. It’s easy, it’s free, it doesn’t require a whole lot of effort.” Since the challenge has been put in place, it’s become very effective with the students. Dean of Students Mr. Mark Hughes said, “I think it’s been effective. We’re out there saying good morning and kids are fighting the challenge. They’re coming to us, they want to beat us to the punch, they’re yelling it from far away before we can say it.”

Photo credit: Gianna Appi

This challenge is not only helping students to become more friendly with each other, but it is helping to prepare their communication skills for their future. By being able to communicate and become more outgoing, students are preparing for when they’re applying to colleges or job applications. Mr. DeNuzzo said, “I want our students to be ready for [life after high school].” This goal will not only affect students who have a hard time communicating, but it’ll affect those who have an easier time communicating. It’ll continue to bring out the best in them and influence them to be a part of the school’s challenge. Mr. Hughes said, “I think students know how to be social with one another. Teenagers are social; it’s the way it goes.” The 10/5 Challenge allows students to improve their communication skills and brings a healthy, safe, and fun environment to EHHS. What will this challenge have in store for the future? Mr. DeNuzzo is determined that, “It’s not a one year thing. It’s got to be a part of who we are as a school.” Overall, this challenge will help promote general kindness, make the school a friendlier place, and increase the communication skills at EHHS and set a standard for other schools as well.