Students Claim Fame with the Stock Market Game!

Unlock the world of stock! EHHS students in Mr. Peter Hearty’s history classes are participating in a competition on “” in which they are given the opportunity to explore the stock market. Students are given three weeks to build up their stock investments and rise to fame in this stock market game!

How the Competition Works

Mr. Hearty has engaged his students in this competition for 20 years, but he began using “” just a few years ago after his original site stopped working. This year, the competition began on January 24th and is planned to end on February 14th. Each student starts with $100,000 in mock funds to use toward investments. The student whose stock goes up the most and makes the most profit wins the game. Students are able to buy or sell stocks that are available on the real New York Stock Exchange (Apple, Google, Tesla, etc.), making the competition very realistic. The possibilities are truly endless! Each student has a dashboard on the site which has a buy/sell stocks button. They then choose what to buy or sell by entering the preferred stock and the quantity of shares they want.

What Is the Stock Market?

The stock market is a system in which people buy and sell stocks; these stocks give partial ownership of an organization to the buyer. The market is unpredictable though, making purchases risky. If a company makes large profits during a time, the value of its stock usually rises, increasing its value. Though if a company performs poorly in the market, be it from an unpopular product or a disappointing sales report, its stock value may drop. Through Mr. Hearty’s competition, students are exposed to strategies that can be used when investing in stocks in the future!

Student Strategies

Students use various strategies to be successful in the competition and rise to the top of the charts! EHHS junior, Asa Myers, whose ranking has varied from first to fourth in the competition, has seen great success. “I want to find the most volatile stocks that look like they are going up. This way I get the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time. So, I buy things like tech firms and watch them closely,” he shares. However, Asa’s experience has masked difficulties other students have faced in dealing with the unpredictable market. EHHS junior, Ian Reynolds, expounds on the adversity he has faced with stocks, saying, “A lot of my stocks have ended in more of a loss than a profit, and it’s hard to know when to sell a stock in order to make a profit.”

Competition Opens Doors for Students

Regardless of difficulties faced, however, many student participants have gained an interest through the competition. Asa and Ian both began having no interest in the stock market; through the contest, they each found themselves engaged in the concept of stock broking. Mr. Peter Hearty, who organized the competition for students, shares that it can not only spark interest amongst participants in regards to stocks, but teach them the value in it. “[Students] get to learn about business and finance which are possible college majors or careers for the future. It also shows students that steady and consistent investing can create wealth and an early retirement,” Mr. Hearty claims. The competition also fits in with the current EHHS history class curriculums, as they are covering big business, gold and silver money, inflation and depressions.

Mr. Hearty’s online stock market competition on “” has allowed students the opportunity to learn about the constantly evolving stock market and thus advance their stockbroking skills for the future!

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