Springing Into A Stress-Free Break

As the 2022 spring break approaches, Connecticut residents and families are ready to jump back into action as the pandemic winds down. Spring break activities vary depending on where you are in the world. In Connecticut there are many things you can do that can help ease your stress. Spring break is a week of vacation time that students can refresh from the stress of school or work responsibilities before finals and the last quarter of the school year. Due to Covid, there are some restrictions to these activities and fun events, but there are ways you can still have fun at your home and create a better version of yourself.

Location is always key during a vacation. If you can’t go out of state, there are still many fun opportunities for new places to visit in Connecticut. These places include an amusement park, Lake Compounce, located in Bristol. It is fitted for all ages and for all families. It has rides, music, and food. There are many other parks and activities to do, such as mini-golf, arcades, and carnivals that open temporality to celebrate spring break.

Food and dining are also very crucial on vacations and there are many cuisines waiting for you to try at famous, local restaurants. These places include Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana, a popular Italian restaurant in New Haven, which has been on the market since 1925.

Staying home and having time to yourself is essential to a getaway. It gives your mind space and more opportunities to improve yourself in the best ways possible. This can be done by making a planner, such as a written one or an online calendar app to organize your thoughts, and ideas and schedule times on how long and/or when you should do certain tasks. These tasks such as waking up, listening to music, hygiene, and eating are all beneficial for mental health. This also helps you work on time management for school and work when needed. Walking outside to your front or back yard is a moment of time that allows you to breathe and appreciate nature. Other outside activities include going on walks or taking simple trips to the grocery store.

Many students are doing different things during spring break. An anonymous student says: “I plan to play tennis, watch tv shows, and go outside to exercise to work on myself.” This is an example of setting goals during vacations and distributing time to create better goals for yourself. These goals help you trigger new behaviors and guide your focus to new experiences in life and help you measure time, not creating impending stress. This leads to another question out of 21 students how many EHHS students are going to create goals during Spring Break. About 71% of students are considering creating goals for themselves to help them prepare themselves for the last half of the school year during the Spring Break period.

Spring Break is a period to give your brain a break and to spend time with the people and things that you love. Going to parks, going on a walk, sleeping, eating delicious food, or even just sitting in bed watching the shows you enjoy are all activities that can be enjoyed. Everyone spends their own time in different ways, and guiding yourself to be successful during moments like this can benefit you in the long run. EHHS students should spend their spring break in the most exciting way possible because we can’t ever get that time back.