Spread The Positivity Around EHHS Community With Kindness Club

In December 2019 at EHHS, Mrs. Pompano started the Kindness Club to promote kindness for and between all students and staff. She welcomes everyone to joins to spreads positivity to the East Haven community.

According to EHHS science instructional leader, Mrs. Maria Pompano, she came up with the idea of opening the Kindness Club because she thinks it is important for people to know their worth, to know they’re loved. She stated, “It is important just to promote kindness, people are kind not on purpose, and aware of how it makes people feel.” In the past 2 years, Mrs. Pompano has been trying to reach out to students who are interested in joining the Kindness Club to help promote positivity. According to Mrs. Pompano, they only have a chance to meet once a month because it is hard to get students to stay after, even if they stay after, only a few actually come to the meeting.

According to one of the members of the Kindness Club, EHHS junior Courtney Carvajal, “We meet on Wednesdays after school... I decided to join because I would love to spread kindness around the whole school. I believe after everything with Covid and the problems that have occurred at school, it is necessary to promote kindness”.

They meet after school from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. to have a small discussion about what they should do to spread kindness. Since they don’t have a student leader, everyone who participates in this club will have an equal voice. As stated by Courtney Carvajal, “We all give ideas and decide what we’re gonna do and how we are gonna reach our goals.” Their daily activities include hanging notes around school, having a meeting, or making plans. Mrs. Pompano also added, “We use chalk to write messages in front of the school. Give out candy in the teachers' [mail]boxes to thanks them”

During the past 2 years, many students and staff had noticed the poster that had been hanging around the school hallway. Courtney says, “I think the Kindness Club is having an effect on people. Weeks ago, we put signs all around the school. The signs had inspirational, kind phrases on them that help students who are having a bad day or just put a smile on their face.” Adding onto Courtney's statement, Mrs.Pompano stated that, “Sometimes adults will notice, security ask and be like it was great and hoping that people like this activity.”

Although there are around ten members, Mrs. Pompano had stated that there is no exact number of members since everyone has a different schedule, and students are too busy with their life. Therefore, Mrs. Pompano always makes sure to send email to all students in East Haven High School whenever the Kindness Club hold a meeting, hoping that new students will join if they have free time and are interested.

As stated above, Mrs. Pompano always welcomes new members. You can always become a member of the Kindness Club if you have free time and are interested in spreading kindness and love to our community!