So Many Shoes! EHHS Class of 2023 Fundraiser Helps Those in Need

Starting in February of 2022, the EHHS class of 2023 officers decided to start a shoe drive fundraiser in which EH residents and students donated shoes to help pay for the class of 2023 field trips, proms, and fun activities. These shoes will eventually be donated to family-owned businesses or small businesses to keep the economy going instead of donating them to orphanages or impoverished places.

According to Ms. Li Martin, EHHS Health Science & CNA teacher, Mrs. Jessica Spinelli, EHHS Tech Ed/Video/Media instructor is the one who came up with the idea of donating shoes to help the class of 2023 with their field trips and proms. Mrs. Spinelli said that she came across a website called “,” which is an organization that collects shoes in a bag of 25 from different places around the world. Every few months, the company will send a truck that picks up bags of shoes.

The EHHS community started the fundraiser at the beginning of February 2022 and it ended at the start of June. The class of 2023 officers, Annora Sayers, Kayla Astorino, Madison DizNuzzo, Glerys Ramirez, and Izabella Olszewski, run the fundraiser and do most of the planning. The organization will pay them 40 cents per pound of shoes and only 25 shoes in one bag. Their goal is to have “100 bags of 25 pairs.” According to Ms. Martin, they currently have 45 bags out of 100 right now and still working toward that goal. It will be a huge win if the EHHS community/class of 2023 made it to their goals.

There are certain conditions that the shoes have to be in, in order for them to really count. According to both Mrs. Spinelli and Ms. Martin, the shoes have to have no holes, no tears and the soul can't be ripped off. Besides all the criteria, they accepted any and every shoe, including flip-flops, sneakers, and heels. Moreover, the heavier the shoes, the better, Mrs. Spinelli said, “Boots are even better because they go by pounds.”

“This particular one is a great idea because it's a win-win for both sides,” Ms. Martin said. We can get people to join the fundraiser, and donate shoes, it is even better when they can get money from it. Overall, this is a great idea to get the community involved and EHHS students also benefit from it.

According to Mrs. Spinelli, they promote it “through social media groups and different websites. We stuff it on social media for the students to see.” With several posters around the school, the team was able to get 45 bags of 25 shoes, and hopefully, by the end of the school year, more bags can be added.