Sculpting Himself Into EHHS’s Art Department: Meet Mr. Aedan O’Brien

At the beginning of March 2022, Mr. AedAn O’Brien took over the reins as the ceramics teacher at EHHS for the rest of the year. From a young age, he had always enjoyed drawing and art, starting in second grade. From there and with inspiration from various artists and his high school art teacher, he set out to pursue a career in art. He graduated from the University of Hartford with a major in Art, specifically painting. His passion for the arts has translated into his professional career and his first teaching position in EHHS’s Ceramics Department. He enjoys this new opportunity to chat with students and get to know them in a creative sense.

He has worked as a freelance artist, on commissioned projects, and is now working as a ceramics teacher in the EHHS Art Department. His work“consists mainly of celebrities and paintwork. I usually paint with either acrylic or oil”. He has done two internships at the Graduate New Haven Gallery and Five Points Center for the Visual Arts. This painting on the left, courtesy of Mr. O’Brien, is done in his signature style and depicts well-known celebrity Doja Cat. He has additionally painted some well-known celebrities including Ariana Grande, Bad Bunny, Juice Wrld, and Jenna Fischer. They consist of contrasting and complementary colors, aiding to his signature style.

Although living in East Haven for most of his life, he decided to attend a magnet school in New Haven. Mr. O’Brien said he saw teaching at EHHS as: “the chance I didn’t have before to come back here.” He started getting his students to work with clay right off the bat, starting lessons about scoring and slipping from day one. He teaches all levels of ceramics, from the basics of it to the advanced levels. He has some of his classes starting on concepts like throwing on the wheel, using coil methods to create works of art, and creating mosaic tiles. EHHS Senior Mackenzie Lord says. “It’s a very comfortable environment and he helps with anything. He gives great advice and is very fun to be around and additionally has great project concepts.” Mr. O’Brien is always welcoming to new students who are interested in art and ceramics. If you are interested in any of his work, you can find it on his Instagram @SaintAedan. He is always encouraging students to find their passion in art and explore different mediums.