SCHOOL LOCKERS: Sufficient or Scrap Metal?

Currently in EHHS lockers are barren, small, and generally unused by the student body. Even with the passing times between every block, students still do not go to their lockers at all throughout the school day.

The unpopularity of lockers in EHHS seems to be a shared opinion throughout the school. 15 students from varying grades all reported that they do not use their lockers on a regular basis and prefer to carry their books and materials in their bags. Cheyenne Clark, a senior at EHHS commented, “I don’t know where it[my locker] is. I feel like it’s just easier to carry my backpack around”. Several students also complained that the locks were too tricky to use, making the locker more of a nuisance than a convenience.

Many students shared that they simply don’t have enough time between classes to get to their lockers due to short passing periods. According to the official bell schedule on the EHHS website, passing times are only four minutes long. This is not enough time for students to use their lockers, especially if they want to get to class on time. “The problem is passing time.” says Senior Charlie Torres, who has not used his locker once in his four years of attending EHHS. Locker usage could gravely affect the attendance rates of students, especially if their lockers are far from their classes.

Photo Credit: Alexandra Castro

Some EHHS underclassmen do not even use their lockers because they were never assigned one. Violet O'Hara, a sophomore at EHHS, mentioned, “The school never told us our locker number or gave us the password for it.” Other underclassmen have mentioned that some staff have discouraged them from using their lockers frequently or at all due to COVID. The school has left underclassmen with more questions than answers on the locker situation.

The lack of locker usage can have negative physical effects on the student body. Students have admitted that they have experienced shoulder and back pains due to their heavy backpacks. Others have reported their bags ripping due to the amount of supplies being carried from class to class. Heavy backpacks have also negatively affected teachers at EHHS. Multiple teachers have been seen tripping due to heavy backpacks taking up floor space in classrooms.

Students at EHHS have shared their thoughts on what can be improved with the school lockers. Some would like to see a shorter and wider design, in contrast to their current tall and skinny look. Others think a revision of the bell schedule would be more effective to allow for more time to use the current lockers. Some students are interested in discussions with administration about refurbishments or revision of the schedules.