Saturday SATs: What Students Really Don’t Know

The College Board and EHHS host the SAT once a month on a Saturday morning for students to take the SAT with or without the essay option. Students can use this opportunity for a retake for a better score or to prepare and seek out their own weaknesses and improve upon in the future. They can also take the essay portion of the SAT in order to demonstrate a different set of skills for their college applications.

Only 9 EHHS students report they knew about the Saturday SAT dates. Only 2 students have taken the SAT on Saturday in the past. Among the 14 students, no one has registered to take the SAT on Saturday in the future. This means they didn’t sign up for the program yet. Only 2 out of 14 EHHS students are willing to take the SAT on a Saturday in the future, 4 other students say maybe or that they didn’t decide yet, and 8 students say no to taking their SAT exam on Saturday.

Students who had taken an SAT on a Saturday state that it was a lot calmer than the one we have in our school. Michael Robert, an EHHS senior, expressed that, “The experience was fun, especially with friends. A lot less pressure on me and a lot calmer in general since there was a smaller number of students attending.” An EHHS senior, Pavlo Melnyk has a similar outlook as Michael. As stated by Pavlo, “[It was] better. Less pressure because it was just me and a handful of people.” The only requirement to take the SAT is to visit the College Board website to register for the exam and pay.

Taking the SAT on a Saturday is pretty much the same as taking the SAT in school. As mentioned by Michael Robert, “[It was the] same way as the school day SAT. All phones and devices are taken, then we are given a question booklet and an answer sheet where we bubble in our answers which are all multiple choice. The SAT is split into different sections including math with no calculator, math with calculator, reading, and grammar.” The timing is also similar, according to both Pavlo and Michael, the SAT would start around 7 or 8 a.m. and end at noon. There are also some differences between taking an SAT on weekdays and SAT on weekends. Based on Mrs. Madonna, “The difference is you can take it with the writing piece. There is an essay piece. This is optional.”

According to EHHS guidance counselor Michelle Madonna, the school suggested students take the SAT multiple times to get the best score possible. “They should take more than one because the school only provides one day to take. But we encourage students to take more than one.” SAT on a Saturday is an opportunity for students to retake their tests.

In agreement with Mrs. Madonna, Michael stated; “I wanted to take the SAT an additional time so that I could get the best score I could. It ended up being worth it because I improved by 80 points”. An EHHS junior, Mirta Sandoval, said, “I want to take it on Saturday so I can better prepare and see where I'm struggling, improving, or staying the same."

A junior must take the SAT exam since it is a requirement for various colleges and universities. If you’re a junior, you can use different sources to study for the upcoming exam. As stated by an EHHS junior, Michael Angus, “I have prepared for the upcoming SAT with my SAT Prep class, by reading passages and answering questions as well as breaking things down into sections.” Not only can students prepare by taking SAT classes, they also have access to websites like Khan Academy and Youtube to help them study. EHHS also provides an SAT study guide packet for those who really want to get a good score.