Raise Your Cap, Class of 2022!

It is an EHHS senior tradition that Seniors decorate their caps for graduation. Seniors walk with confidence on the stage while receiving their diplomas and leave the stage with memories. Mr. Vincent DeNuzzo has confirmed in his weekly newsletter that seniors will receive their cap and gown on the same day as the graduation ceremony. Seniors currently have questions about how they will come up with a graduation cap decoration idea for their upcoming graduation.

According to the EHHS community, there are some different opinions about decorating their caps. Kaylee Brito, one of the seniors graduating in the year 2022 stated she will decorate her graduation cap if she has time but since she heard about the timeliness of receiving the cap, she dedicated herself not to decorating it anymore. She decided that she won’t have enough time to decorate her cap since she won't have enough time to decorate her cap since she will receive her graduation cap on the day of the graduation. Kaylee stated, “I was going to decorate my cap to thank my parents for everything they’ve done and made me who I am today, but I don't think I am anymore because I don't have time.” This is a great design to put on a senior cap, especially when we all know that parents are the ones who always sacrificed themselves for their kid's futures. This is a great way to pay off their parents' hard work. Unfortunately for Kaylee, she can’t make this become a reality due to the late cap and gown distribution.

Chelsey Siocon and Chelyne Siocon are twin sisters who are planning to decorate their caps in honor of their parents. They are both assisting each other to make this happen with their own themes. "Pink is my theme this year, and I'll use it to thank my mom and dad, and I'll use any material to make it good," Chelsey Siocon said. "I decided to decorate my graduation cap because of my parents, especially my father, and utilize everything that reminds me of my father," Chelyne Siocon explained, "But I need at least a week and we don't have that time." Frank Papa started "I will decorate my graduation cap based on my college career and with the help of my sister," Frank Papa said.

There is more about the graduation besides the cap and gown, there is a whole journey ahead of you and we as a team, wish the seniors a bit of good luck. Congrats to you all.

Photo Credit: Ms. Caturano, Class of 2021 Graduation