Rainbow Garden Restaurant Owner and Chopped Contestant: Chef Profetto Comes to EHHS

Things are cooking up in the culinary department; newly hired Chef Profetto is now offering his restaurant expertise to EHHS students. Chef Profetto was born in Bridgeport and grew up in Trumbull with his two older sisters for the majority of his life. His grandparents were immigrants from Italy, so Chef Profetto adds his Italian flair to his cooking. He and his wife of 29 years, Heather, have three boys; Ryan, Logan, and Jaden. The couple met through their passion for cooking and started a restaurant together. Chef Profetto stated, “My inspiration comes from my wife who always encourages me to try new things.”

Photo Credit: Kevin Phan

When at home, Chef Profetto likes to tinker with things around the house. He also goes to the gym to work out as a hobby. However, he dislikes reading. From a young age, he always had a spot in his heart for baseball. As a teen, he played for his high school team at Trumbull High School and now he enjoys watching the Red Sox. He graduated from high school in 1980 and went to Plymouth State University for 4 years. He did wrestling in the first year of college and graduated with a bachelor of sciences degree in business administration.

Chef Profetto was self-employed for over 26 years. He opened a restaurant in 1993 called Rainbow Garden located in downtown Milford. Chef Profetto had the restaurant for 30 years and recently sold it in 2019. He stated, “I worked in the restaurant for 30 years. My wife and I were getting old and having troubles. I realized that this job is for someone much younger and sold it.” His love for the restaurant was the main reason he stayed in this profession. The most supportive people in his life have been his wife and father. His role model was his father, as he was a very generous person and was always there for him.

Chef Profetto has also made an appearance on the popular Food Network show Chopped in 2015. It was a competition between 4 members of his family. His competitors consisted of his wife Heather, sister-in-law Kate, and son Ryan. The winner would be given $10,000 by the show. Chef Profetto made it to the last three but lost to his wife and sister-in-law. The person who came out with the prize money was Heather.

Chef Profetto has been teaching culinary and bakery & pastry for students in EHHS since the end of the 2020-2021 school year. His class and kitchen is located E015 and he is usually the first face you see during the start of school. In class, he loves to make jokes to cheer his students up. Chef Profetto states, “I want to make the school a better place. To build on the students and get kids to think about why they are here.” Chef Profetto is always welcoming new students to the culinary program to learn to have the passion that he exudes for cooking and baking. Chef Profetto is always welcoming new students to the culinary program to learn to have the passion that he exudes for cooking and baking.