QR Codes & Long Lines: The EHHS Bathroom Saga

QR codes were introduced in the beginning of this year, and long, time consuming bathroom lines are popular topics of conversation nowadays in EHHS. While most students are in favor of QR codes due to their convenience, both students and staff are frustrated with the long bathroom lines and the accompanying wait times.

The new QR codes make life easier for both students and staff members. For students, all they have to do is scan the code with the camera app on their phones and sign the google form. Before, they were required to sign in on a sheet outside the bathrooms. The real convenience of the QR codes is for the staff. The codes are connected to Google Forms and once it is submitted, it allows staff access to a live feed at any given time. This is helpful for a variety of reasons including safety measures and better differentiating between who is skipping class, and who is stuck in a long bathroom line. That being said, the QR codes, while undeniably convenient, do have some drawbacks. For example, not all students have a phone that is able to read QR codes, which is now the way to do a variety of things within the school- including but not limited to: signing into the bathrooms, making appointments, and even signing out of school altogether. Assistant Principal Mrs. Amy Farotti says, “They simply report their name to the teacher on duty and the teacher can put it into the google form for them.” Overall, the new system seems to be working wonders and is definitely an improvement from previous years.

However, this does little to shorten the long bathroom lines, or the time spent in one. Due to the fact that only two students are allowed into each bathroom at a time, an improvement from last year where only one student was allowed in at a time, everyone is forced to wait their turn in an ever growing line. Depending on when students join the line, they can waste up to fifteen minutes of valuable class-time waiting in the halls. In response to this, the school made some adjustments, for example, the main west level bathrooms are now open and able to be used during every block on A/C days and third block on B/D days. In order to have the more frequented bathrooms opened, others had to be sacrificed. “We’ve closed some of the athletic bathrooms so that we can open up more of the main level bathrooms, because that seems to be where a majority of students will go,” reports Mrs. Farrotti. she then continued, “We always make sure that the lower level bathroom is always open during every lunch block because we know that’s a great opportunity for students to use the restroom.” Unfortunately, there is only so much the school can do when it comes to the long bathroom lines, but changes are being made in an attempt to solve the issue.