Q&A: Distance Learning Edition

Credit: Naiiya Patel

Now that the rest of the 2019-2020 school year is canceled for in-school classes, distance learning has become the official reality for EHHS students. Despite the difficult transition, teachers and administrators have been working hard to ease the process for both students and staff. In between, there have been questions left unanswered for students. Therefore, to ease students’ minds, a variety of questions have been answered by administrators and students!

Q: What is happening to my GPA because of distance learning?

A: A student's GPA will be calculated based on their semester one grades and will not include final grades from spring 2020.

Q: Does EHHS have Pass/Fail courses now?

A: EHHS will be accommodating for students based on their situations. Students can reach out to their teachers or guidance counselor if they feel they need to make the switch. Students can end a class with “pass” - demonstrating course competency, “incomplete” - allowing them to complete work by August 7th, or “fail” - meaning they have not met the course competency and will need to repeat or attend summer academy.

Q: Will there be an honor roll published this quarter?

A: There will not be an honor roll published for spring 2020. However, certifications of distinction will be made for students who are able to earn 90% or higher with no grade lower than B+.

Q: Is daily attendance still in place?

A: No! After feedback from families, daily attendance was removed for students. It was challenging for students to complete an “attendance” assignment on a daily basis for each class.

Q: How is attendance now taken for students?

A: Attendance is based on a student’s participation for the week. Attendance criteria can be based on any evidence of participation, such as work-completion for the week or communication with the teacher through emails and attending Zoom meetings.

Q: When are students expected to take the in-school SAT?

A: CollegeBoard is planning on providing more test dates during the fall. Students who are in the class of 2021 and do not have SAT scores should be getting early access to register for the August, September, and October dates. For more information about SAT updates, check out Tyler Vance’s article.

Q: Will we be taking finals?

A: EHHS has not decided on if students will be required to take finals yet. Once a decision is made, students will be notified by teachers.

Q: What is happening with senior caps and gowns?

A: Currently, it is uncertain when there will be a graduation ceremony and what it might entail. To prepare for any scenario, students should still order their cap and gown for any celebration or ceremony that might occur. Contact senior advisors Ms. Caturano or Ms. Cudgma with any questions!

Q: How can I get in touch with my guidance counselor?

A: You can email your guidance counselor! From there, you can set up zoom meetings or chat as you like. For example, Ms. Michele Madonna has daily Zoom office hours from 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Q: Will I still be getting my schedule for next year?

A: Student schedules have not been built yet but will be released later in the spring. Once released, counselors can make adjustments with students.

Q: How can I stay motivated to do my school work?

A: One of the key factors is the environment! Kiara Morales, EHHS junior, advises to, “Find a place that mimics your school environment, such as a desk or table. From there, you can try and take on classes one at a time and stay focused.”

Q: How can I organize my school work?

A: Using a planner or daily tracker can let you see what work is due when and help you prioritize what you should be doing each day. There is also the Remind App that can keep you organized.

Each day, new decisions are being made about distance learning. They are focused on keeping students engaged during this time and their welfare. As more information becomes available, teachers and administrators will keep students and parents up to date. To stay informed on important updates, check out EHHS social media platforms like @EHHSprincipial or @EHHSComet on Twitter!