President-Elect Biden's Plan for his First 100 Days in Office

As of January 20, 2021 President incumbent Donald Trump will be stepping down, leaving the position to President-Elect Joe Biden. President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris campaigned on many different policies they intend on changing. Some of the policies they hope to focus on in their first 100 days of office are immigration policies, environmental programs, education, and healthcare. President-Elect Joe Biden has discussed a dozen immigration policies that he would like to see done in his first 100 days, which may be difficult due to the amount of policies he intends on changing or creating. This is due to the fact that it is normally hard to get policies to pass, and the proposed amount would normally take much longer to pass. He intends on creating a team of advisors for our current pandemic. He also plans on creating a new economic relief package. According to his campaign website, he intends on expanding the Affordable Care Act. This expansion would be so large, that it is expected to cover an estimated 97% of Americans. The President-Elect has also created a 7-point plan to deal with our current pandemic. The first step is to create free testing for all who need it, along with doubling the amount of testing sites. The second step includes creating a surplus of personal protective equipment, to ensure the country is not dependent on others during a crisis. Steps three and four would include creating funding for schools, and a distribution plan for when the Covid-19 vaccine is created. Step five is focused on getting information to the people. This means he intends on creating the Nationwide Pandemic Dashboard, a site that would allow the user to search cases using their zip code. Step six would reestablish the United States relationship with The World Health Organization. It would also re-launch PREDICT, an organization that's goal is to act like an early warning device for pandemics. Their last step is to create mask mandates nationwide. The first one 100 days of a presidency are very important. These first 100 days determine whether or not a President-Elect will follow through with their promised policy changes.