NYC Fashion Week: A Time For Individuality and Self Expression

This winter, New York Fashion Week 2022 has come to an end and new fashion trends are on the horizon amongst the public and social media. Fashion Week is a seasonal collection of designs and artists put together in a week timeline, for upcoming fashion collections, trends, debuts, and global press news. It displays fashion through a public ceremony runway for celebrities, influencers, designers, and brands to influence social media and daily trends around the world. EHHS students are growing to be successful individuals and New York Fashion Week has a big impact on teenagers today. It helps build character, development, and behavior in an individual.

An EHHS staff member, Ms. Parisi, has an ‘Intro To Fashion’ class available to all students to expose her students to the history of fashion, ranging from prehistoric times to modern-day as well as giving students a foundation base of learning about the stitching, fabric, and hemlines in certain clothing. Students create their own models and fashion brands or logos based on what they like. Ms. Parisi mentions that she has attended New York’s Fashion Week multiple times, “I’ve been attending fashion week since 2017 about twice a year, once in September and once in February. I started to be invited because of my personal blog.” She also explains why she adores fashion week, “I love trend forecasting, I also love being the first person to know about it. . . My favorite part is the audience and the audience’s reactions. “Son Jung Wan” was my favorite, I always go to her show every season, her vibe is fun, has a lot of sparkles, bright colors, the retro vibe/disco and good atmosphere, a world-like experience.” She says that fashion week has definitely improved her own character and style, and how she feels about people expressing themselves through fashion, “When you see how people express themselves insistence, it helps you to have fun with what you wear and how you express yourself, you can make a statement on what you want to wear.” This also leads into a statement about self-confidence, “It helps you find yourself and keep promises, it’s important, teenagers, in general, want to fit in, in fashion and in life the more you stand out the better chances of being successful and happy.” She loves seeing students expressing themselves and helping her own students find their own passion and creativity.

Artwork from @mrsparisi fashion course as seen on Instagram

Students of EHHS think of fashion differently than others. One student, Mia Flores-Soto, EHHS Junior shares: “I’d like to think that fashion week has made a positive impact through the years on the new generation based on the constant and ever-changing expressiveness and inclusivity in the shows and how that directly ties into peoples’ expressiveness.” Fashion Week gives people creativity and an impact on a student’s style. Mia expresses her own self-confidence and how style affects growing students “people like to perceive themselves in a light that allows them to express themselves in a way that makes them feel happy and true to themselves.” About 50.7% of EHHS students polled stated that they enjoy dressing up and 86.6% of students feel like their clothes make them more confident as a person. 43.3% of students who agreed that they are passionate about their style at school and another 43.3% of students said that they just wear whatever I want/see, but want to try more styles and variety. Fashion is a big part of building character in students and fashion week helps them figure out what works best for them.

NYC Fashion week has been thriving throughout the years and decades, famous designers such as ‘Louis Vuitton’ and basic trends help influence people of all ages. That helps form a creative environment for the public. Students of EHHS express themselves through fashion and social media, which helps them develop confidence and goals. Many EHHS students believe that everyone can be the best version of themselves through fashion.