New Construction in the EHHS Tech Classrooms: The Story Behind the Construction

EHHS welcomed their first manufacturing program into the building beginning in semester two. There has been a lot of buzz around the Yellow Jacket community about the recent construction and major changes to the EHHS building. One of the main topics of discussion are the glass walls added to the LMC and the dividing wall in Tech Lecture Hall. The manufacturing program is now sharing the tech lecture hall with Mrs. Jessica Spinelli’s media program.

When you go downstairs to the Tech Lecture Hall it used to be a big open space, but now there is a wall dividing the hall into two classrooms. Mrs. Spinelli shares that “Students get confused about where the room is but I don't think it's confusing for the kids who have been here a while. I thought there would be a door but that might ruin the sound proofing. It's confusing for students who have to go woodworking or auto body because they have to go up and around. It's confusing for staff as well, not just students. I think it might be confusing for a sub when the doors are closed. It is easy to miss so I always keep my door open now.“

“I had to ask three people and they were pointing me in different directions,” says grade 9 student Olivia Rosato. Luckily she was able to find her way because Ms. Spinelli always keeps her door open.

According to Ms. Spinelli, “The wall is there because there will be machinery in the room next to mine so I needed the sound blocked out for my video classes. If we didn't have a wall, when we were filming it would make too much noise and it would be hard to film it would be a distraction.” Ms. Spinelli used to have that wide open space in the lecture hall for years. She even shared it with Ms. Parisi, the art and fashion design teacher. Ms. Spinelli now shares the room with a new teacher, who has a new set of students. Now there is an increase in the number of students who attend classes downstairs. It might feel different learning downstairs. Ms. Spinelli “It improves it because we don't get the students from lunch hiding in there.” There's actually more space on her side now and they are planning to make more improvements. These changes might not be easy for students but it will be beneficial for teachers and student learning. “This has improved but the only weird thing is that some people have to walk through my classroom while I'm teaching but I don't mind,” exclaimed Ms. Spinelli. This may be confusing at first for students but, it is all so students can better a learning experience and environment, which is the main goal of all educators.