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Ms. Ellery Riccio Joins the EHHS Science Department

Ms. Ellery Riccio is the new EHHS biology and anatomy & physiology teacher replacing Mr. Anthony Russell as he takes on the position of Assistant Principal. Ms. Riccio is currently finishing graduate school but still got the opportunity to start teaching a year earlier. She is currently not verified while she finishes graduate school and says, “I'm ahead of the game from everyone else in my year of grad school and I'm able to teach right away. I don't have to wait.” Mrs. Maria Pompano, science instructional leader in the EHHS science department, chose Ms. Riccio out of all the people who interviewed for the position. She says, ”I think that she was qualified, she shows a love of science and she's very enthusiastic. Also , she's new so the career comes with a lot of new ideas and a new way of looking at teaching that could benefit our whole department.”

Before Ms. Riccio became a teacher at EHHS, she attended Branford High School and Career High School. After she graduated high school she attended two colleges: Brandeis University and Quinnipiac University. While in high school, she played multiple sports. Some sports she played were basketball, volleyball and was involved in HOSA. Since Ms. Riccio played those sports, she's very familiar with it so she wants to either coach one of those sports or at least participate in a club. Ms. Riccio never thought about becoming a teacher, she had many different ideas. She was also working at a law firm, but ended up getting laid off because of COVID-19. After that, that's when she started thinking of being a biology teacher because her mom is a teacher also. Ms. Riccio didn’t have a lot of teaching experience. If you want to take Ms. Riccio's class and get to know her she teaches