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Mrs. Pirruccio Brings a Little Italy to EHHS

Mrs. Michelle Pirruccio is the new Italian teacher that just began teaching at EHHS. Before Ms. Pirruccio took the job position she wanted to make sure she felt the environment of EHHS, and also wanted to ensure that she felt comfortable. She also wanted to see how the other teachers from the world language department were. After getting a feel for the EHHS environment she thought it was fantastic, so she said yes to the job opening.

When she was younger, Mrs. Pirruccio always wanted to be a teacher. She stated that when she would play with her friends, they would pretend to be teachers. Mrs. Pirruccio said that while she lived in Italy her teachers inspired her to become a teacher because of the connections she built with them.

Mrs. Pirruccio loves being around kids because she wants to build connections with them like she did with her teachers. She's a very social person and feels like a mom to her students. She's very open minded when it comes to hearing their opinions and what they have to say. She also wanted to surround herself with people because when she left her family in Italy she didn't want to feel alone.

She only teaches Italian because she needed to learn the English language first when she came to the US.For her having to learn English from only knowing Italian, she didn't have time to learn other languages because she ended up creating a family and wanted to be with them and put them first, so she put it on hold. She does want to learn other languages like Spanish, later in the future.

When it comes to Mrs. Pirruccio’s students, she wants to make her students more involved and wants them to speak in class without having to be forced. She says that her kids don't really pay attention and don't really want to learn full sentences, so it's harder for her to teach the class because they don't understand her. She also wants them to feel comfortable and wants them to know that they can rely on her if they need her for anything. She doesn't want them to be stressed and wants them to feel free and respected as long as they respect her as well. Overall, she wants it to be a friendly environment.

More information on Mrs. Pirruccio is that she attended (ccsu) college, and majored in Italian and also psychology. When Mrs. Piccurrico was in Italy, she also was a private tutor for grades 1-8 before becoming a teacher, she would help them with any subject they needed help in. She wants to feel comfortable, she gets anxious because she's new, she worries she's not doing something right.

Ms Piccurrico wants to also get more involved with all the teachers in this school, not only the world language teachers. She wants to meet them and participate in things with them to get to know them better. Some personal information about her is that she has two sons. They are 22 years old and 26 years old. One of them just graduated college and the other one is a doctor. She says they speak both languages English and Italian but they speak Italian because they learned it from her. They also took Spanish in high school, so they know three languages.