Meet Hagaman’s Teen Librarian: Emily Kalotai

Emily Kalotai, Hagaman Memorial Public Library’s newest teen librarian, is making a positive name for herself in the EH community. As the latest addition to the library staff, it is time for the East Haven community to give her a warm welcome and get to know her.

Emily grew up in Bridgeport, CT, Emily always knew she was kind warm hearted soul who was into video games and Dungeons and Dragons, however she did not always want to be a librarian. At first, Emily went to UCONN for her bachelor's degree in anthropology. Right before she graduated, she felt the need to reconsider what she really wanted to do with her life. After college she held several jobs over the years. With many years of work, she started to realize that becoming a librarian was the route she wanted to take. Emily then applied to the San Jose University with a major in library science. After college, Emily did lose friends, as most college students do. As an escape and a social outlet, Emily joined Dungeons and Dragons groups. Currently, Emily is in three outside groups, and even runs as a Dungeon Master for the library. Dungeons and Dragons has always been a game that Emily was interested in. “It’s a way to be creative. So what I do as a DM (Dungeon Master) I lay out scenarios and not necessarily a story, and you build a story collaboratively with other players.” This outlet for Emily is where all creativity comes with flexibility as a person.

Photo Credit: Sandy Nguyen

As the teen librarian at the library, she runs the Hagaman Teen Advisory Group. While running this program, she offers teens the chance to gain community service, well rounded library experience, and a chance to voice their opinion. Teens at the library appreciate everything Emily has done so far. Alina Tran, an HTAG member for five years, has been happy with Emily as a librarian. Alina finds Emily to be a calm, kindred soul. She shares, “Emily is a considerate person. When someone is having a hard time, or when a member or two just really needs a nice hot cup of tea at the end of the day, she lets us take it easy so we can have a nice comfortable experience.” Emily’s considerate nature is a trait that all teen members admire about her. Alaiana Robert loves Emily’s happy attitude and her initiative to help out with teen events. Robert says that Emily is always happy to listen to teens’ opinions and allows them to help make each event special and it’s own never before event. With these traits, Emily, is allowing EH teens to have a creative outlet for out of school community service. Emily Kalotai is a positive role model for EH students, and will have a positive effect on the EH community!

Photo Credit: Kyle Kalotai