Lil Uzi Vert’s “Eternal Atake:” Overrated or Underappreciated?

On March 6, 2020, rapper Lil Uzi Vert released his highly anticipated album Eternal Atake. One week later, Uzi dropped Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World 2, which was the deluxe version of Eternal Atake. The album is Uzi’s first album since he released Luv is Rage 2 in 2017 and it features 32 total songs. While Uzi made his fans wait for the album, it was easily worth the wait, featuring a plethora of great songs.

Uzi himself never gave an official release date for Eternal Atake, taking all of his fans by surprise when he released it on the morning of March 6. When the news came that it was out, people were ecstatic and for good reason. Lil Uzi Vert has been amongst the most popular artists in recent years, despite his only releases from 2018 to early 2020 being a handful of singles. While not releasing music may seem weird for an artist, it worked for Uzi. By not dropping much music, Uzi produced tons of anticipation behind the album. Senior Christina Fazzino, an avid Uzi fan for years, didn’t mind waiting for the album over the years. “If anything I believe Uzi waiting that long to drop built up so much anticipation for these two new projects. Over the three years, he dropped singles hinting at great new albums and I think that kept people listening and wanting more,” she said. As soon as his new work dropped, most of my classmates put in headphones to listen to the album right in the middle of class since they were so excited to listen.

Eternal Atake itself featured 18 songs with only one feature. For an artist as big as Uzi, not having features on the project was a surprise. However, I think there's a reason why Uzi did this. Only having one feature allowed Uzi to be more independent and focus on his own style of music rather than having to include other styles with his own. This is part of what made the album so unique from some of his previous projects. To me, this is what made the album so special and enjoyable to listen to. We got to see a side of Uzi that wasn’t seen on his previous projects that showcased his range as an artist. In a way, the album is even more than just music. Christina explained this, saying “One thing I loved about Eternal Atake was that it told a story if you listen to the beginnings and ends of each song closely.” She also added that the album takes the listener on an adventure through the songs.

After dropping Eternal Atake, Uzi came out with the deluxe version “Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World 2”, which added 14 songs. The deluxe had features from Young Thug, 21 Savage, Chief Keef, Future, and more. But unlike what we saw in Eternal Atake, the deluxe shows the Uzi that everyone knows. Ethan said something similar, claiming that with the release “A whole new flow was opened up and it sounded different from his previous albums. The deluxe on the other hand really brought back some of his 2016 vibes.” Ultimately, this only made the entire project better. By having different styles and flows, Uzi was able to appeal to almost every listener's style of music while also showing off his range as an artist. To me, this is what set EA/LUV vs. The World 2 apart from his previous albums. “Eternal Atake and LUV vs The World 2 are very different from his other projects. They all have different sounds and you can tell Uzi was feeling different emotions during each album,” Christina said. Not only is this good for Uzi, but I think it’s good for music in general. Hopefully, Uzi can inspire other artists to try and expand their music as he did on these projects.

The cover art for LUV vs The World 2 (left) and the cover for Eternal Atake (right). Via @LILUZIVERT on twitter ( (

Having such different styles and flows on the album led to many people having their unique favorite songs on the album. In my opinion, some of the best songs on the album are Prices, Silly Watch, You Better Move, Leaders (feat. NAV), Yessirski (feat. 21 Savage), and Bean (Kobe) (feat. Chief Keef). On many of these songs, Uzi’s flow is as catchy as ever and his lyrics are great. Ethan and Christina also shared their own favorite pieces of the album. Some of Christina’s favorite songs included Come This Way, I’m Sorry, Celebration Station, Myron, and Chrome Heart Tags, while Ethan’s two favorite songs were Trap This Way and Come This Way. However, Ethan also said he really enjoyed all of the songs on the project.

Unfortunately for Uzi, having his album hyped up drove listener expectations. So much in fact that people have said the album wasn’t worth waiting for. However, I think this is simply the expectations that were unmeetable for Uzi, especially with how he was trying new styles. Naturally, some of his fans won’t enjoy everything he does as an artist. That being said, plenty of his fans like Christina did not mind the long wait. She even said, “If the option was never to have Eternal Atake or LUV vs The World 2 or wait three years again, I would wait.”

Overall, Eternal Atake was underappreciated by the media and fans. The hate that the album has received is unreasonable. While I could understand the frustration of waiting over 2 years for Eternal Atake, Uzi still dropped 32 songs in total, which gave plenty to enjoy. There are no truly bad songs on the entire tracklist. Some songs were not as great, such as Moon Relate, No Auto, and Lotus, but Uzi made up for this for the number of great songs. Either way, it’s easy to tell that Uzi put tons of dedication into the album. Compared to other albums that have been released this year, Uzi’s amount of effort has been unmatched. Disliking that is unreasonable.