Lights, Camera, Action!: Prom 2022 Recap

On May 6, 2022, East Haven High School hosted its Junior and Senior prom at the Woodwinds Venue in Branford, Connecticut. Tickets went on sale online through E-Funds for $90. At the prom, the theme was “Light, Camera, Action,” giving it a Hollywood Glamor vibe. There were 31 tables, 10 people at each table, with students making the arrangements during 3rd block lunches. Each table was decorated with lights, clapboards, and film strips that met the Hollywood theme.

At Prom, everyone was having the time of their lives. There was food served buffet-style and students were able to pick and choose from a few options of what they wanted to eat. The food options included most Italian food, such as penne alla vodka, chicken francaise, salads, bread, and side dishes such as potatoes and vegetables. After about an hour, students and staff were able to party and dance. About ⅔ of the whole party was on and off the dance floor. Many others were sitting down with friends/dates in between dances, taking memorable photos, and socializing. The music that was played in the venue was the early 2010s with popular hip-hop and pop songs.

Every teenager has always thought of becoming Prom King and Queen, but this year there was Prom Prince and Princess for the Juniors. The winners were voted by students and staff by a poll, students were able to scan a QR code to be able to vote for their favorite couple. Within the middle of the night, the winners were announced on the dance floor. The winners for Prom King and Queen were seniors Antonia Torello & Michael Capozzo, who previously won Homecoming King and Queen in the fall of the 2021-22 school year. The winners of Prom Prince and Princess were juniors Madison DiNuzzo & Mateo Caputo.

The fashion at EHHS Prom 2022 was on point, with some students following the theme and others implementing their sense of style. Many students had their styles to their outfits paired with accessories such as handbags and elegant jewelry. EHHS students were able to submit their photos for the best dressed as an individual, couple, or group. The winners were chosen based on the quality of the photo, fashion, and choice of colors. Senior, Princess Aggery won based on best-dressed individual, with her picture taken on the beachside and the quality of her bright green and yellow dress, showing a great contrast to the whole look.

For the couple’s category, 3 couples came out supreme. First up, Junior Julia Crisci and her date Senior Dylan Tavares placed first. They both had bright red colors on the dress and tux that matched together perfectly, and the room was aesthetically pleasing to the couple.

Second, Junior Lynna Son and her guest Enzley Brammer wore hot pink with the couple matching outfits. The couple brightened up the room and seemed to fit well with each other.

In third place, Adira DeMatteo and her date Lucky Kahraman matched in lavender-haze-colored outfits. Their smiles toward each other were eye-catching and marvelous to the night.

Lastly, for the group category, Junior Kayla Astorino and her friends won with their photo with three other couples with all different shades of blue within each couple and with the gray house matching in the background, complimenting everyone else. Congratulations to everyone completing and submitting their pictures!

Prom 2022 has been a success for every junior and senior here at EHHS, everyone has dressed to perfection and had a very good time at the prom. EHHS juniors are already looking forward to next year’s prom!