“Lights, Camera, Action!” An Exclusive on the EHHS 2022 Prom Theme

As prom season approaches, EHHS students are preparing for the upcoming event on May 6th, 2022 at the Woodwinds Venue in Branford, CT with a Hollywood “Lights, Camera, Action!” theme. The Senior Class Officers planned the prom with their class advisors and have worked throughout the year to plan the most memorable prom. Prom can be an important part of high school for many students. At EHHS, the prom theme plays an important role in making the night more memorable and fun– but do students dress based on the theme? According to our survey, the majority of EHHS students are contemplating dressing according to the theme. Mrs. April Martindale, one of the Class of 2022 advisors, says, “The decorations play a big part in making it more memorable as well.” Without a prom theme, the night can become boring and it can be hard to decorate for the prom without having an idea to go off of.

The advisors for the Class of 2022 will be chaperoning the dance and will get to see students enjoy the hard work they’ve put into planning the dance. The main job of the advisors is to oversee the class officers' decisions and handle the ticket-buying process. The class officers pick the prom theme,venue, and even help to decorate the venue prior to the prom. “We want to keep [more details about] the decorations a surprise to give the students something to look forward to,” says April Martindale. Whether or not students dress based on the prom theme, prom is still a night students will never forget.