Life After COVID-19

There has been a lot of talk about what life might be like after this pandemic is over. Nobody knows exactly what the world will look like, but we can all assume that it will be much different than before.

Homemade masks made by Maria DiMatteo

As of right now, just about all businesses aside from essential ones, remained closed. There is also a new policy stating that everyone who enters any open stores is required to wear a mask. An article from CNN, written by Scottie Andrew and James Frojo, states, “Connecticut: in effect as of April 20, the state’s mask requirement applies to any residents who are in a public place, over age 2.” Many people believe that we will continue to follow these precautions even after everything starts to open up again. EHHS senior, Logan Hamilton says, ”Maybe it will be restaurants that don't seat to full capacity, or grocery stores still only letting in a certain amount of people. I see there being restrictions and new rules in all places that normally have a large crowd.”

Some people think that all of the precautions being taken are just temporary. That once we see a drop in COVID-19 cases there will be no more mask-wearing or limited toilet paper buying but others think these precautions will turn into the “new normal”. EHHS senior, Cameron Marshall, says, “I believe there might need to be a new normal for the sake of preventing another possible outbreak such as this one.”

Although a lot of people are excited for everything to open back up, many have said they won’t be rushing out of the house immediately. EHHS junior, Gia Buonfiglio, says, “I’ve heard a lot of people saying they’re excited to go out to see friends, go shopping, get food, etc. But many other people have told me they’re still

scared and will stay inside.” Some can’t wait to get out of the house as an attempt to get back to our normal lives, but many believe that could be the start of another outbreak.

Life after COVID-19 will never be the same. The precautions that we are taking today may not last forever but, they will surely be around for a while.