Let’s Be Creative in the Art Club

Every Wednesday from 2:30 - 3:00 pm at EHHS in rooms E001 and E006, art teacher Mr. Matthew Stevens welcomes all students who love and want to spread the joy of art to others. Over the span of an entire school year, the art club meets about 30 times. The EHHS Art Club makes it simple to become a member. If you want to join the art club, all you have to do is show up and you will be welcomed as a member. The EHHS art club fosters a sense of belonging among artists and art-enthusiasts at the school.

The EHHS Art Club has a presence at Gallery 35. Gallery 35 is where you will find the most intriguing arts in the school, where students develop the most amazing designs to motivate them to appreciate your art. It is found in the auditorium foyer. Art student Angelica Alfano said, “It’s important to join to open yourself up creatively, you also meet awesome people. You spread visual joy to our students and staff as well.” Angelica Alfano is the new president of the EHHS art club that generates all of the best ideas in the field of art, demonstrating her love and displaying the most intriguing concepts.

Photo credit: Victor Unabia

Angelica, Vanessa, Diana, Sydney, Annora, Izzy, Leah, and Nalini are the members of the art club, and they are all kind and

eager to teach and learn new art skills. Angelica stated, “The art club is very accepting, we are a family for some who don’t usually have this sort of caring group. We are understanding and always encourage each other to do the best we can.” The majority of the members of the art club have been interested in art since they were in elementary school, even in their preschool. Some of them fall in love with it and develop an interest because of their colleagues, or they wish to learn how to express themselves and create their own unique designs.

The art club is bringing the EHHS community together to develop an idea and a passion for using art to help our school and community achieve a brighter future. The art of the Work Club exhibits awareness in order to assist the community feel more at ease and artistically with their art. They work in a range of media, but this year's mural will focus on painting and sketching. Art clubs do not sell their own work and instead raise funds for a field trip to enhance the aesthetic and educational experience of their members. The Art clubs use fliers, fundraising, posters, and even a screen in the corridors are used by the art club to advertise the club which we can see at EHHS. They also make bulletin boards and, most recently, art club jackets to attract students' attention and encourage them. New members who can demonstrate their abilities or who are eager to develop new skills are always welcome to EHHS Art Club.