Lazy Lines in the EHHS Cafeteria

The lunch lines in the EHHS cafeteria have been a struggle and point of negativity for many of our students. Several students claim that the lines are too long. They explain that finishing lunch within the twenty-five minutes is difficult. Every student in EHHS eats in one of three lunch waves. Each wave is the same amount of time but not always the same number of students.

Linda Stanisci, is the Food Service Director for Sodexo explained that the Deli Line has one worker, the Grill Line has one worker but it gains a helper when it gets a bit busy, the Pizza Line has one worker, and the Adventure Line has one worker and gains a helper when really busy. Ms. Stanisci said, “The busiest lines are The Adventure Line and The Grill Line.” So, the company does have a plan for when the lines get too long.

Teachers also buy lunch from the cafeteria during their lunch waves and have to battle the long lines. EHHS Library Media Specialist, Ms. Juliet Goraieb, has ordered lunch from the cafeteria in the past and thinks, “It was delicious.” She did not mention having an issue with the lines.

Students, however, have definitely noticed an issue with long lines. Senior, Hannah Medina said she has been unable to finish her lunch in the past, “Often because lines are so long. For instance, if you’re trying to get a buffalo chicken wrap, there's only one lady there and she's struggling.”

Senior, Lilly Champagne, commented on her frustrations. She said, “They’re not good because we have to wait a long time and some of the lunches just aren't good in quality.”

Another senior, Chris Goodwin, is also feeling frustrated with the short lunch waves and long lines. He said, “The kids are obnoxious and I don't have enough time to eat my lunch.”

Senior Grace Trufan brought up another issue with the lunch waves: the fact that they run out of food by the end of the third lunch wave. She said, “I feel that by the time the third lunch comes around they don't have enough food so kids can't get what they'd like to eat.” The longest she’s waited in line is, “7 minutes.” However, she has only rarely not been able to finish her lunch in the twenty-five minutes of lunch.

Sophomore Dom Rubino claimed that he couldn't finish his lunch, “About 3/5 times a week because lunch lines are long... There are not enough workers. The lines then get backed up and I have to wait 10-15 minutes in a line to have around 5-8 minutes to eat.” Sophomore, Cheyenne Clark, says the longest line she ever waited in was “10 minutes.”

The ongoing issue is students waiting in lines for up to ten minutes of a twenty-five-minute lunch. Sometimes EHHS students are not able to finish their food. This can result in hungry students who don't want to work due to lack of energy.