Jonathan Boughton: A Local Teen Whose Memory Will Live On

Photo Credit: Edward Boughton

Jonathan Boughton, or Jonny, was an 18-year old male living in North Branford who sadly passed away on March 22, 2021, in a fatal auto accident. In response to their significant loss, the Boughton family has set up a scholarship foundation and a GoFundMe site to honor the memory of his life cut short.

Jonathan was a young man who was eager to accomplish the goals he set for himself and ensured the happiness of others around him. With the help of individuals close to Jonathan, they list his personality traits descriptively. Edward Boughton, Jonathan’s father, said, “He was just so unique. I can't even put a single word to it because he had so many facets of his character. He was funny as hell, really funny, he was determined like you never saw, if there was something he wanted he absolutely positively did not stop until he had it... He had a perpetual smile all the time.” EHHS Alum Kayla Vernon, Jonathan's best friend and ex-girlfriend of 4 years, said, “His personality is just like that- carefree, always on the move, enjoying every part of his life that he could. He could talk for hours about speakers and cars and snowmobiles... enjoying every part of his life that he could.”

Brain Gonzalez, a friend of Jonathan’s since middle school mentions that he was very cheerful, vibrant, and all-around nice.

Jonathan and his brother. Photo Credit: Edward Boughton

Mr. Boughton recalls some of his favorite memories of Jonathan, “He was in a boy scout troop, and had made the rank of life scout, and used to do annual flower sales… This one time he made a hat out of the flowers and was literally dancing on the side of Route 80, trying to get people to come in and buy Easter flowers, it was hysterical.”

In order to understand the person Jonathan was, you have to understand what he valued most and how he inspired the people he loved. Kayla Vernon said that he taught her to not take herself seriously, that it is okay to laugh when things do not go your way, and how important enjoying the little things is. Mr. Boughton continued, “He has always inspired me to be good at anything I do, and anything I do has to be 100%.”

Photo credit: Edward Boughton

Mr. and Mrs. Boughton wanted to honor his memory: “My wife and I decided we had to do something in his memory, and we wanted to do something that was as close to forever as possible, and we decided to set up a GoFundMe page.”

On the GoFundMe page, they explain that the money collected will be utilized to fund the Jonathan R. Boughton Memorial Scholarship for kids who are gifted in the trades. The purpose for the scholarship being dedicated to kids gifted in the trades as explained by Edward Boughton is to help kids who have a future in that area, and help them get the tools and resources needed to start down that career path.

The GoFundMe Fundraiser has raised $50,000 (and counting) out of a $10,000 goal. Mr. Boughton said, “My wife and I are simply amazed at the amount of community support from friends, from family, from customers, because we had a family business. It has kept us going because that is the closest thing, that is what remains of him now, that fund is all that remains of him.”

To pitch in and support, Click here to donate.

Finally, Kayla Vernon said, “Jonny brought a light into the lives of everyone he loved. A light so bright that, of course, it still shines. And it will continue to shine forever.”