Join the Fox 61 Student News Program!

Photo Credit: Jessica Spinelli

In the 2019-2020 school year, the Fox 61 Student News Program is making its way to EHHS on Wednesdays at 2pm in room S008. Originally in 1984, students auditioned to become part of the program. Students introduced their stories which were produced by an outside production company. After a few years, it transitioned into students producing the stories themselves. In 2016, the program was relaunched, and awards became available to participants. The advisors of this program here at EHHS, Robert Becker and Jessica Spinelli, are giving students an opportunity to experience the news life. During the meeting students are working hands-on with filming, audio and experience producing their own stories for broadcast.

This program is a great way for students to get hands on experience in the news profession to see if they are interested. The Student News Program allows all to venture out and try a different career path. According to Ms. Spinelli, “You can connect to people who work from Fox news and get real-life experience.” Besides the real-life experience of reporting news and being on camera, students have the chance to win awards. There are four different categories they can win awards in: features, community news, hard news and governor’s prevention award. The feature award goes to the best feature news story, community award goes to the best community news story, hard news award goes to the best hard news story, and governor’s prevention award goes to the best news story that reports on drug safety. “Cash awards up to $2,500 to do as they please, it’s not a scholarship,” Ms. Spinelli says. There are other awards you can win from $1,000 to $2,000: the Big Y Locally Grown Award given to the best story that reports on local businesses; The CHESLA Education Award given to the best story that reports on education; and The Chet Money Matters Award given to the best story that reports on money and finances.

Photo Credit: Family Member of Justin Thompson

Sophomore, Justin Thompson, is currently involved in the News Program. Justin most likes that the program, “ Lets me practice being in the news industry, something that I would love to do as a future career.” As a student at EHHS, this opportunity will guide him towards his career choice by reporting news, and practice being on air. Justin says, “The Fox61 Student News program has definitely benefited me in a few ways. It has shown me how to do an interview and get to the root of topics I’m focusing on. It has also given me experience with recording audio and video for stories. This experience is very important to careers in news and other media-based work.” Even if a student does know what career path they are heading towards, this program is something fun for anyone to join and experience. The Fox 61 Student News Program is one way for a student to step outside of their comfort zone and put themselves out there. Justin recommends that others join since, “It gives you hands-on experience in broadcasting and journalism which can lead to a very enjoyable and interesting career. It also is a great way to connect and further understand what is happening in the community and the world around you…” The Fox 61 Student News Program is a wonderful opportunity for all students to take advantage of. It might just be the start of a career direction!

Photo Credit: Jessica Spinelli