John Vaughn’s First Days as One of Our New EHHS Security Guard

Welcoming our newest member of our security staff John Vaughn. So far, he thinks it's a good school and that the kids are well mannered and that there is a good staff team.

He started working as a resource officer and security guard over twenty five years ago in other school systems. Mr. Vaughn previously worked for the New Haven and the Atlanta Board of Education.

He interviewed with Mrs. Harkins, Mr. DeNuzzo, and Mr. Hughes after applying for the job and being selected by Mr. DeNuzzo based on his application. Mrs. Harkins explained, “We felt he was the best candidate for the position. He's not only experienced but he is also really good with kids he had a strong background he puts kids first and he gave some really good answers to our questions.” According to Cindy Russo, another EHHS security guard, this kind of compassion and experience is necessary to do this job. She explains that we need, “Someone who has experience with high school kids, patience, compassion, treats everyone equally and treats them as if they were your own kids... [and to] be supportive whenever they need you.”

John starts his day in breakfast at the cafeteria in the morning to monitor students and then from there patrols the halls and sometimes works at the security desk and monitors cameras he then goes to lunch and monitors students activity. Being a security guard is not always easy. Another EH security guard, “Cousin” said the hardest part about being a security guard is, “Waiting around for something to happen.”

Mrs. Harkins elaborated on the fact that the security staff is a really supportive team, skilled, knowledgeable, caring and supportive to the students. She then described what she thought what a model security guard consists of which was: “Certainly someone who has prior experience infield someone who understands children and teens, high morals and ethical standards, understanding, flexible, responsible, honest, communicative supportive with teachers, staff and students.”

As we welcome our newest member of the security staff, we wish John the best and that he has a good experience here at EHHS and all of EHHS welcomes you with open arms.