Huge Wins for the Esports Teams

On Thursday, March 31, the Esports teams had huge wins against their opponents. Team Alpha won against Conard High School, 3-0, and Team Bravo won against Putnam Science Academy, 3-2.

Justin Trudeau, from Team Bravo, showed an outstanding performance during the matches. During the matches, he scored several goals and worked really well with his teammates. Trudeau acknowledged one of the strengths that led to this huge win last Thursday: "I think that I performed the best I could during Thursday's match. My strength was keeping the ball in the air". By keeping the ball in the air, it made it harder for his opponents to counteract his team's offense. Trudeau also looked back on one of his weaknesses as well: "My weakness was keeping the ball on the opponent's side. Luckily, my teammates were there to help". Whenever the ball was headed towards their goal, his teammates, Trevor Vaccino and Anthony Arcangelo, were there to make several vital saves. After every game, there is always something to improve on. In this case, Trudeau claimed that he needed to work on his defense: "If I focus on defense, then it doesn't always fall on one player to protect the goal". His teammates also played a crucial role in the team's victory: "My teammates performed extremely well with their defense and passing". Good team coordination is very important when it comes to Rocket League, especially when your opponent is putting up quite the challenge. Trudeau commented on his opponents, saying that they were very skilled: "My opponents were very good and I am glad that we created a strategy that allowed us to win".

Recently, Team Bravo has had quite the turnaround. Currently, their record for the season so far is 2-4. There are 2 more matches left for the season, meaning that the team could possibly reach a 4-4 record. Trudeau has high hopes for the team: "My team has had some rough games but it is only our first season, and as the season progresses, we will only improve. I believe if we keep practicing, we can become very good and win even more games". Team Bravo has improved greatly since the season started. Team Alpha has been very impressed by this and is hoping for the best. Trudeau then went on to express his attitude towards the future of his team: "I am very happy with my team and I am hopeful for more wins in the future".

On Thursday, April 7, Team Alpha will be playing against Rham High School, which has a 2-4 record for the season, and Team Bravo will be playing New Fairfield High School, which has a 1-4 record.