“Heartless” by The Weeknd: What makes it a number 1 hit?

The Weeknd’s new song, “Heartless,” grabbed the world’s attention with his revelation of the emotion turmoil of his past. According to many critics and students, The Weeknd is a very popular figure with this generation because his style of music is sad, tragic, and unique.

He recently released his new song called “Heartless” which is supposed to be about him returning to his oldways. The Weeknd has made himself a popular figure among millenials for his sad and somber, and relatable music. Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, Professionally known as The Weeknd is a canadian songwriter, producer and has produced some popular songs in the past like Starboy, Call out my name, and I feel it Coming, to name a few. Since there was already a Canadian band with the name The Weekend he took out the “E”. He first emerged on Youtube in the 2010’s when three tracks - 'What You Need', 'Loft Music', and 'The Morning' - credited to The Weeknd first appeared on YouTube in late 2010, little was known about the artist behind them. In 2012 more details gradually emerged and The Weeknd was revealed to be the stage name of singer Abel Tesfaye. Born in Toronto, Canada, Tesfaye is 25.

As of December 9, Heartless ranks number 1 on the billboard 100. The song depicts him partying in the bright city of Las Vegas blowing through money, and smoking. Jordan Mason, a senior at EHHS, “He can relate to our generation; all rappers can relate to our generation to a certain extent. But I think in the beginning they’re able to relate a little more because they don't have all that money, and the more famous they get, the more they stray away from the common man.” Jordan goes on to talk about how one of the lyrics from “Heartless” talks about close to death in the sixth speed. Jordan explains that not everyone has the money to buy fast cars and doesn't have to worry about money in their lives.

Senior Ian Loehmann discusses why he finds it catchy, “The lyrics themselves might not be the most upbeat but with the with the combination of the kind of sadder and the upbeat music and beats throughout the song they just work really well.” Ian believes that if someone can relate to a song they tend to like more because it is relatable. He continues, “I feel like relatability is a main aspect of why people like songs, if they can connect to it in their own way.” I do think that he has a point with that, if somebody can connect to a song then they are more inclined to listen to it more then which is the case with the song Heartless. There are people out there who are going through a rough patch in their lives and they can listen to this song to let them know that they are not alone. “Heartless” is just another piece to The Weeknd’s rise to fame and another reason why he is so popular.