Graduating in Style

Graduation is almost upon us, and even through the uncertainty of ths pandemic, many graduating EHHS seniors are still keeping up the longstanding tradition of decorating their graduation caps. Decorating graduation caps is a rite of passage for many seniors and commonly represents their high school journey. Students choose to put anything on their caps, from meaningful quotes, to powerful statements, to memes. These caps are often a symbol for the person wearing them, and are meant to be worn with pride across the stage for graduation.

The tradition of decorating graduation caps dates back to the 1960s, when students protesting the Vietnam War would put peace signs on their caps. Since then students are finding new and more popular images to put on their caps. One of the most popular ways to decorate caps is to use meaningful quotes. “My quote is meaningful to me because I’ve had teachers who have helped me through a lot and really have a huge impact as to why I want to teach.” regarding her cap decorated with the quote, “You believed in me so I can believe in them” stated by East Haven High School senior Angelina Esposito.

Another popular way of decorating caps is to show your future plans. While this is most common with college graduates, many high school seniors choose to display the college they are going to. For example, High School in the Community graduate Lily Deblasio chose to put “UCONN” in glittery letters.

Many students also choose to simply decorate their caps with things they like or things that hold special them. Another EHHS senior, Alina Tran, chose to adorn her cap with flowers, glitter, and butterflies. When asked why she responded,”Butterflies have always had a special meaning to me, and I usually associate them with freedom and growth.” In addition, another Metropolitan Business Academy graduate, Melody Deblasio, had a similar thought of using images of things that she liked. In her case, these images were from author Steven King’s “Dark Tower” series. She stated, “Stephen King has been my favorite author forever, especially the Dark Tower series.”

While for some, finding something to put on graduation caps may be easy. But it can also be difficult to find the perfect decorations. Many seniors recommend doing research on Pinterest or Instagram for ideas. Try to choose something that you love, or as Alina Tran put it: “Make sure that your cap makes you happy, don't make it for anybody else.”